Monday, 7 February 2011

YES Styles reviews brings you the latest Asian fashions and exclusive lifestyle products, hot off the streets of Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taipei. The YesStyle store is filled with tons of quality fashion at great prices, ranging from the unique trends of quirky Japan, to the smooth, sleek lines and layers of Korean styles, to the laid-back looks that define Hong Kong.
I’ve been lurking on a site for the past year called If you can get past the fobbilicious name there may be some sweet finds on the site for you. Prices are very reasonable — within a Forever21 to BCBG price range. I’ll admit you’ll need to pore through the pages (and be amused by some of the ridiculous styles like hoodies with pom-pom ties or oversize sweaters with bunny rabbits), but some of the clothing and handbags in particular are definitely worth a peek or two.

Warning, do not enter the jewelry section. That’s the most criminal area of the whole site. If you do.. enter at your own risk and don’t think that all Koreans wear that stuff.
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