Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shopping silver smart ways

Shopping silver is not that easy when you have to shop smart. Some of the serious silver sales men out there in the market can easily deceive one with the exaggerated sales pitches about their products and commodities. Silver necklace is greatly attractive commodities. When you buy your silver necklace for the first time, you should be aware of certain vital facts that are to be considered. It is towards buying quality silver jewelry in the first place and secondarily towards being cost effective as well.

Carat of silver

Silver is usually purchased based upon the number of carats of pure silver present in the specific commodity. The rate of measure is called as the carat. The same measure is used to estimate the gold as well. 24 carats of gold just means that it is of hundred percentage pure silver. Likewise, in case of silver also you have different grades to represent the particular proportions of purest forms of silver in the commodity that you intend to purchase.

The costs associated towards the silver jewelry, especially in the case of sterling silver jewelry, is directly proportional to the number of carats of silver that is contained in the commodity. It could be the silver necklace; silver bracelets, silver earring, silver ring and any other product of silver, yet all of them do have a rating based upon the carats of silver present in it. Generally, some of top brands of silver jewelry do have two to three different grades of silver out of which their products are made for commercial reasons.

It is to facilitate clientele of all classes. In addition, it is because of their own advantage when it comes to manufacturing of this jewelry. They do not waste any kind of silver that do vary in the range of impurities present in it. They do make money out of all the varieties of silver that are used in the workshop. Hence, it is totally altogether a completely profitable attribute from the businesspersons’ perspective. In addition, the numbers of customers that are available for the secondary and tertiary grades of gold and silver are of a wide range.

In fact, the fashion trends change dramatically in these two classes and there is always a great demand for these two classes. The top grades are purely meant to be made for the creamy layer in the society and hence the costs associated towards the first quality are pretty higher. At the same time, the number of choices that are available will also be extremely.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Silver – The essential facts

One of the key aspects that the women tend to fall for is the jewels. Majority of the women would instantly fall for a gift that is made of silver or gold. A few words of sweet talk and a fashionable silver bracelet are quite enough for impressing your women right flat to get whatever you want from her. The cost associated towards the silver jewelry is not as high as that of the gold, diamond and platinum. It is far cheaper than the price of those prime commodities. Still the products are quite attractive and last longer if maintained properly.

Ways of maintaining silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver ring and all forms of silver jewelry are explained detail in the most of the manufacturer’s places. However, most of us do not bother to spend much time with the repair and maintenance shop professionals of the jewelry mart, but rather would lover to inquire the sales men for the latest in the market. if you spend a couple of minutes on how well they are maintaining the showroom pieces that are kept for display to the customers, then you might understand easily on how to protect the silver jewelry of yours in the houses as well.

The temperature inside the jewelry mart is well maintained but the same temperature and pressure conditions cannot be maintained in case of all the household places. The centralized air conditioned environment completely free from any kind of moisture and well protected by glass coverings are all the important aspects which are to be noted. These important aspects really do help extensively in maintaining the luster, shine and the brand new looks of all the silver products and commodities in the silver jewelry mart

. Moreover, apart from that the sales clerks are trained to polish them slightly whenever required in case of any jewel is remaining in the showroom for quite a long time. In that way they ensure that, the whole of the place is quite attractive with brand new looking products of variety kind. The polishing of the jewels is done with extreme care using a soft cloth specially made for this purpose. Rubbing against the jewel in gentle ways in primordial areas of cleavage and gaps where dust can cling upon the jewelry, is necessary. Use very minute quantity of polish alone and not in excess at any point of time. It is a safe practice for the silver jewelry as well cost effective too.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Valentino Dresses

Jessica Biel was one of the red carpet standouts at the Golden Globes on Monday night in a glimmering beaded Valentino dress and intricate Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings — too bad that Hilary Swank also looked glam in the same “vintage” dress just 3 years ago at the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Did she not note Reese Witherspoon‘s Chanel dress mix-up from last year’s Globes? As for Valentino, reps for the house say “Valentino dresses are timeless and each woman brings to them her own interpretation. . .two beautiful actresses can be different and great even in the same dress.”

February 27th was the day of the Césars. The French Oscars have had their share of controversy (there was a viral video of Emma Thompson rescuing a lovely Miss with a serious wardrobe malfunction, on the very César stage!) but there’s also something fashionable to talk about!

Diane Kruger was one of the presenters that night and she chose an interesting (to say the least about it!) dress for the occasion: Valentino! And not just any Valentino dress, a gown signed by Alessandra Facchinetti from the Spring 2009 Ready to Wear collection. (more images after the jump!)

The fashion world may have disapproved Alessandra’s collection, but here’s Diane saying different! The dress looked rather strange to my eyes, somewhat slouchy but it did raise my eyebrows and interested me in a way a classic dress wouldn’t have. How do you feel about this dress and Diane wearing it?

Versace Dresses Photos Gallery and Reviews

It’s official: Today’s luxury brands should not only boast accessories, fragrance, and home goods collections, they must also outfit their clients’ children. this explains the launch of Young Versace, a new range of kids’ clothes from Donatella and co. The line was launched Thursday at Pitti Bimbio, the trade show for baby clothes.

So, what’s it look like? if you’re expecting lots of gold lamé and lycra, think again. The styles, made for newborns through 12 years, are quite sweet, with plenty of pastels. There’s an Alice in Wonderland-themed print on onesies and dresses, plus tiered skirts emblazoned with white, yellow, and pink micro-orchids. (If you are looking for a bit of bling, there’s a Swarovski crystal-studded baby bottle. seriously.)

And we love the scene set up at Pitti–which you can peep in the gallery below–particularly the Medusa-headed lollipops.

The collection hits stores next spring–can’t wait to see this look book.
Jennifer Lopez is one of the world-famous singer. Music and many of his songs that became hits. In addition given a beautiful voice, Jennifer Lopez also has a very sexy body. The dress worn by Jennifer Lopez always looks beautiful and charming.
Jennifer Lopez had always noticed her dress to wear if you want to appear in an event. Of course, Jennifer Lopez did not want to perform with the casual dress. Surely she will perform with her ??best dress.
Let’s see Jennifer Lopez Beautiful and Riveting Dress on Red Carpet.Donatella keeps it simple and sexy with the Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009/2010 Collection. The collection features the flowing, floor-length, side-split gowns; or the clinging, thigh-grazing mini-dresses. The designs are full of daring cuts and striking colour pallets.
Angelina Jolie looks like she didn’t changed dresses from the Critics Choice Awards night. But she did. And she chose another nude-look for the 66th edition of the Golden Globes Awards.

Her Atelier Versace sparkling dress matched (too much, if you ask me!) the Jimmy Choo satin sandals (same nuance as the dress). She changed her usual pearl jewelry with Platinum jewelry by Neil Lane. Keeping her makeup really simple, she makes a discreet yet impressive appearance on an overmakeup-ed, overaccessorized Red Carpet. Do you prefer Angelina’s simple look or her trademark black? (more after the jump) (via celebutopia, justjared)er Atelier Versace sparkling dress matched (too much, if you ask me!) the Jimmy Choo satin sandals (same nuance as the dress). She changed her usual pearl jewelry with Platinum jewelry by Neil Lane. Keeping her makeup really simple, she makes a discreet yet impressive appearance on an overmakeup-ed, overaccessorized Red Carpet. Do you prefer Angelina’s simple look or her trademark black? (more after the jump) (via celebutopia, justjared)

H&M is allowing us to see the looks now instead of making us wait forever and forage through magazines like People StyleWatch for them. Progress! Thank you!Photo: Courtesy of H&M

The highlight of the Versace men’s show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week yesterday was not the striped booty shorts or pink suits, it was Donatella — but isn’t she always the highlight, in a way? — taking her bow at the end wearing a Versace for H&M dress. Versace is the next big-name designer doing a line for the affordable chain, even though Donatella said in 2008 that she respects designers who do these lines but didn’t want to do one herself “because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section.I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand.” Perhaps to avoid confusion, H&M is billing the line as an “Iconic Collection.” Goes great with whatever deal she presumably struck to have the CFDA’s 2011 Fashion Icon, Lady Gaga, wear only Versace for the next couple of months.

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

The collection will be big and include two rollouts, one on November 17 including men’s, women’s, and homewear, and another prespring collection on January 19. the line consists of “iconic” archive Versace pieces repurposed for H&M. more from H&M’s press release:

The womenswear collection will be dominated by dresses that express the spirit of the season, featuring studded leather, silk and colorful prints, and accessories including high heels and costume jewelry. the men’s collection will focus on sharp tailoring, including the perfect tuxedo, as well as belts and jewelry for men. for the first time in a designer collaboration at H&M, the collection will include homeware pieces including pillows and bedspread.

H&M has not released any specific information on pricing, but that studded leather dress will not be H&M cheap. Versace cheap maybe, but not H&M cheap. so, who’s excited? Watch Donatella and H&M’s creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch discuss the collection in the video. Pretend like they didn’t misspell Donatella’s name Donnatella (maybe they just want a little more of her, like we all do).

Actress-turned-cougar Demi Moore was nothing short of grandmalicious in YSL Resort at the recent premiere of ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ in New York City.

Lady GaGa Hair Styles

At first glance Lady Gaga's bright pink feather-like hairstyle certainly catches the eye.

But it's what's going on under her jacket that is of real interest.

The singer appeared to be completely naked as she stepped out yesterday in Copenhagen.
After listening to “Poker Face” one too many times this weekend, I started thinking about Lady Gaga. And then I started Googling Lady Gaga. And then I became obsessed. Of course, being outrageous is the singer’s schtick, but does she ever tone it down? According to my Googling, not really.

Naturally stars dress ridiculously for the attention and to establish a persona. Furthermore, one person’s ridiculous is another person’s sense of style. However, even the most flashy artists are usually seen dressed like the average earthling every once in a while and I was determined to find these less unbelievable outfits of Lady Gaga.

You might believe that Lady Gaga’s meat dress is probably her top outrageous fashion statement. Well, close for some, far for others. Recently, she showed up in a dress made of a material most guys would dislike on a woman’s body. That’s right, she had a dress made out of hair.

When she showed up in a New York club wearing nothing but a cape made of hair and some fishnet tights, it made for some shocking news in the media. She confessed that sometimes she feels as insecure as any 24 years old girl. But then, she added she uses self encouragement for morale. “You’re Lady Gaga, get up and walk the walk!”, she says to herself.

Last night was the second night of Summer Sonic 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. There were a lot of great bands, but the act with the biggest hype was not the listed headliners Linkin Park or The Specials – not even close. The real star last night was Lady Gaga, or just “Gaga” as she’s known to her Japanese fans. Gaga’s dedicated fans started pushing their way to the front of the Sonic Stage several bands – and many hours – before Lady Gaga was scheduled to appear.
That’s right, there wasn’t just one Lady Gaga at her Tokyo gig – everywhere you looked, there were Japanese versions of Lady Gaga in brightly colored costumes, makeup, and of course hair bows. It was truly amazing.

Calvin Klein Models

The problem is > it has been my dealings with women that put me in this predicament in the first place. So you can see why I might be reluctant to acknowledge even the most enticing offer.

If you whack a dog every time it comes to the trough, it will eventually stop coming, even tho it's hungry, and enjoys food.

There have been other, similar comments, tho probably too risqué to publish. Another girl mentioned that I look like I'd lost weight.

When life throws us a curve, some people respond by eating. I'm just the opposite. My appetite vanishes. When I finally do get hungry, two bites fill me up (stomach in knots). Consequently, I tend to drop weight during periods of stress.

I also exercise more (in an attempt to process those feelings of angst). My bike rides around the Back Bay have worked wonders in this area > therapy in motion. Gorgeous surroundings. Fresh air. Sunshine.

I most enjoy watching egrets in flight. Takes me away from my problems for a few poetic minutes. Almost makes me wanna cry.

I also tend to drink a lot of protein when stressed, cuz it's one of the few things I can easily stomach. So that tends to cut me up a little.

Do you want to know the secret to building a visually stunning body comparable to Calvin Klein models? Then forget just about everything you have ever learned about muscle building. I’m not kidding! I can almost guarantee you are receiving old and outdated approaches to fitness. Most workout programs are modeled around the huge bodybuilder mentality. Please understand…that “look” has been dead since the 80’s. Since your current workout routine will never sculpt a body like that of models displayed in magazines, there needs to be a major shift in thinking. Once again, this is why the models’ approach to fitness is much different than yours!

Calvin Klein models also have nice sized biceps and triceps with wide and ripped shoulders. It is important to notice how tapered their waists are. Having wide, broad, shoulders with a slim waist creates this sharp “V” in the upper body. This is extremely important for a model to have. Standing shoulder presses should be the foundational exercise to create this desired look. You really can’t have shoulders that are too large but make sure you don’t incorporate exercises like shrugs or upright rows. These two exercises do a great job of adding mass to your neck and trap muscles. You don’t want this as a model! Mass in this area takes away from your wide shoulders and creates a more rounded look.

Lacoste Models Reviews

For fans of the French crocodile, Lacoste has launched a rather snappy website this month, one for us design fans to really sink our teeth into... Okay that's enough of the jokes, so let's be serious and take a look at

Designed and developed by Parisian firm Megalo(s), the site launches the new Lacoste Red Collection. The creative direction is based on a campaign by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and features a soundtrack by Yuksek. Lacoste Red is Lacoste's junior collection and is aimed at 15-25 year olds.

So seeing as I love attention to detail more than I love a cold beer on a sunny day, I was quite impressed with the loading screen. These things, in my opinion, quite often let a site down because they are left to the last moment, build no sense of anticipation and never fully integrate with the content. It's a bit like going to a posh restaurant and being confronted with a lavatory and accessories from Builders Warehouse - it does the job, but doesn't quite cut the design mustard. Lacoste have gone for an unapologetic full screen clock, music, a couple of zooming bikers and the option for low or high bandwidth (a big tick for those of us that live in South Africa).
So on into the menu. Sadly the music here is softer and a bit less interesting, but select a style and bam! you're back to the good stuff. Strong typography and another fab loading sequence which employs a sense of eighties computer games. This was as far as I got because it stuck at 100%. Big sigh.

Men may require a shot or three to confidently sport the thigh-revealing shorts seen on runways throughout the week. Models at Narciso Rodriguez showed more than a little skin with their black and gray garb, causing the fug girls wonder if the designer was pulling their legs. Perry Ellis redefined "tighty whiteys," pairing his crisp interpretation of the trend with a button-down sweater. And it's a good thing Lacoste lads play a lot of tennis — they'll need it to get in shape for the brand's bright new bottoms.

Monday, 18 July 2011

All that glitters could be silver

The craze for silver jewelry is always there internationally among a whole lot of communities around the world. The pureness of silver in a jewel to the maximum possible proportions adds on to the beauty, luster and brightness of the product. When it comes to silver jewels, the most important aspect is the maintenance part of it.

One has to always bear in mind about this very important fact that the silver jewels tend to react with the atmosphere quite easily when compared to the gold and diamond. It is this quality of the silver, which makes it inferior to gold. Still ornaments, which are made out of silver, are of a wide range. It is because of the enormous amount of flexibility possible in manufacturing silver commodities of intricate design and elegance. Not all those complicated designs that are made with the silver can be made out of the gold as well. It is because of the tensile strength variation between the two metals.

The reaction with the atmospheric gases, dirt and dust makes the metal to lose its luster in due course of time. One can find the silver rings to slowly diminish in their color, brightness and attractive looks. The silver necklaces gradually tend to become darker and one cannot say that it is a precious commodity any more. Still even under such worst conditions, the silver jewels could be polished to regain back the original luster and shine.

Usually polishing is done with some additional amount of fresh silver so that the component weight will be maintained as its original. Chemical reactions that take place in the surface of the silver metal over the years make it to lose some weight. Moreover before polishing certain process like washing in acid and brushing are carried out. All these involve removal of the outer layer of the metal to a certain extent. Hence, in order to compensate for this lost weight, it is customary to buy and give the smith some more new silver.

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Classic Gowns and Dresses

Most Women Think That, When It Comes To The Holder Wedding Dresses, They Have To Not Much Like All Are Either In White Or Ivory Choose Colours. It Is True, That After The Culture And Tradition, There Are Not Many Ways Of Colors, Prom Dresses For Your Loved One That You Can Choose Wedding Dress But There Are Many Styles To Choose From, And Before You Buy Your Dress, You Should Be Aware, All The Options You Have. There Are Versions For Almost As Many Different Body Shapes As Women Have. This Is, As The Dress Of The Best Features Of Brides Highlights And Hides The Errors At The Same Time
Exactly In The Same Way Holder Bridal Gowns And Their Styles Also About The Seasons Change As The Summer And Winter Trends Change To Keep. Holders Are Wedding Dresses In Many Different Designs And Styles, The Most Recent And Classic Are Available. So, You Can Choose Any Dress, Which Well Goes With Your Body Shape And Is Either Classical Or Chic, Depending On The Selection And Priority.

The Most Classic Wedding Dresses This Elegant And Stylish On Brides Of All Types Of Body Shapes Are Particularly The A-Line Wedding Dresses,. This Is A Form Of The Bride Dress, Not Suitable For A Certain Number, But Flatters All Sorts Of Www.228worldbrand.Com Which Is Body Shapes. So Is This Dress Is Suitable For All Brides Out There. It Looks Stylish And Trendy, And Accentuated Your Best Features.

Its An Online Halter Wedding Gown May Different Types Of Pods Such As Bell Sleeve, Sleeveless, Quarter Sleeves And Half Sleeves. The Snippet Can Be Made To Your Individual Needs And Choice. This Classic A-Line Wedding Dress Style Is Evergreen – It Never Goes Out Of Fashion, Because Every Bride Knows That She Has To Look Their Best At Their Wedding And This Dress Is Certainly The Best In All

Canadian Clothes Reviews Images

The design of the arms of Canada reflects the royal symbols of the United Kingdom and France (the three lions of England, the lion of Scotland, the fleurs-de-lis of France and the Irish harp of Tara). On the bottom portion of the shield is a sprig of three Canadian maple leaves representative of Canadians of all origins. The coat of arms is supported by the lion of England holding the Royal Union Flag and the unicorn of Scotland carrying the flag of Royal France. The crest above the shield features a crowned lion holding a red maple leaf. At the base of the arms are the floral emblems associated with the Canadian Monarchy: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the French lily and the Irish shamrock.

The Royal Crown at the top indicates that these are the Arms of the Sovereign in right of Canada, commonly called "the Royal Arms of Canada" or "the Arms of Canada".
Canadian Clothes
Canadian Clothes
Canadian Clothes
Canadian Clothes