Monday, 28 February 2011

Windows Phone Appearance a HTC HD 7

A Windows phone is made to contain all the essential applications. These applications are made to fill all the needs of customers or mobile software requirements. Most of the handsets are made to support only the latest application software, but with the Windows Phone HTC HD 7, you have to collect all new feature applications in your mobile phone. Nowadays, the demand for the Internet has increased all over the world. People today want cellphones where they can easily access all the features of their computer PC on their mobile phones. Some new application software has been made capable of running a file on either a computer or your mobile phone.

With the new development of Windows Phone 7, you got lots of newly released features on your mobile phone. As the demand for high quality cameras in mobile phones grows worldwide, the Windows Phone 7 now offers consumers a 5 megapixel mobile camera with flash. The option of flash allows one to capture photos at night as well as during the day. You can take amazing photos with your mobile phone using this feature. You have a camera in your phone with clarity similar to that of digital cameras.

Speaking of clarity, the phone’s built-in headphone jack 2.5 provides much louder and clearer sound than other phones. The jack allows you to enjoy music in Digital Dolby Surround Sound. Thus, using the Windows Phone gives you a better mobile experience. The Windows Phone HTC HD 7 handset gives you a social networking experience; you can use your phone with some social networking integration, including Facebook or Twitter type application you connect all time. The HTC HD7 has an excellent arrangement with O2, giving users an excellent price. Some mobile shops even provide special offers such as free calling or free, unlimited internet access for one month.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ralph Lauren dresses

Ralph Lauren dressed tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, Vera Zvonareva, Anne Keothavaong and Elena Dimentieva for the Pre-Wimbledon party held at Kensington, London last June. Photo of the tennis stars were taken by Carter Berg.

What the girls wore:

* Venus Williams in pre-Fall ‘Ralph Lauren Black Label’ platinum satin tuxedo silk dress
* Serena Williams in Spring 09 ‘Ralph Lauren Collection’ gold sequin harem pants with white tank top
* Vera Zvonareva in pre-Fall ‘Ralph Lauren Collection’ platinum satin silk dress
* Anne Keothavong in a Spring 09 ‘Ralph Lauren Collection’ gold lace embroidered dress
* Elena Dimentieva in ‘Ralph Lauren Black Label’ cowl neck dress

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ralph lauren dresses
ralph lauren dresses
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ralph lauren dresses

Wedding Dress and hair style

Blonde Bridal Hairstyles

long curly bangs wedding hairstyle

Tulle Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding Dress
Suzanne Ermann give inspire and the findings some wedding dress which brings the atmosphere of cheerful and romantic. Play tulle styles very detailed and reliable with utilizing lightweight fabric manifested with fantasia wedding dress types.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

lady gaga hairstyles

Lady Gaga claimed that the role of a troubled person on the stage in fact reflects the need of fans for drama and scandals. She stated: "That's what everyone wants to know, right?" asks Gaga. "What is she going to look like when she dies...when she's overdosed on whatever they think I'm overdosing on? Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar."

Indeed the notorious lifestyle of teen idols who apparently led a more decent lifestyle is blinking back from the covers of the tabloids. Therefore the young singer decided to adopt this attitude at least on the stage to fulfill the expectations of the audience for the necessary load of controversy.

Lady Gaga managed to become one of the most controversial and at the same time beloved celebrities and artists of our time. This can be attributed also to her unconventional stage performances as well as videos that revolutionize the music business combining with haute art.

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Cubic Zirconia Necklaces – Manifestation of Fashion

Every woman desires to be beautiful. There is an old saying to the effect that woman beautifies herself in order to please the one whom she loves or cares about. Necklaces is one of the most important jewelry pieces that will make a woman look a lot more beautiful, and many women spend lots of money and time in choosing the ones that they think will make them more favored by other people.

The best substance to make a necklace is of course the diamond. It is not only the purest and most elegant substance on the planet, but also will show forth the high social status a woman enjoys, which is especially true in the old days when women are considered angels in the house. In the modern society, although the main function of a jewelry piece is no longer to show the social rank of a woman but to better her look, still diamond jewelry pieces are the favorite of almost all women for their purity and elegance. Especially on wedding occasions, as diamond symbolizes eternity and long-lasting love, almost all couples would offer each other a diamond jewelry piece as a testimony of their mutual love.

However, because diamond is rare and expensive, normal women who are fond of following the latest fashion trend cannot afford to buy too many diamond jewelry pieces to match with their newly bought bags, shoes or clothes. In such cases, cubic zirconia necklaces will make an ideal choice for their excellent quality which rivals that of diamond as well as their cheap price. When a new season has come and you have bought new clothes, shoes and other accessories, you can buy CZ pendants with different colors and shapes to go with your new fashion suite. And when the next season comes, you can get everything replaced with a relatively low amount of money. Also, if you have some design ideas of your own, you can make use of the beads of strings of your old necklaces and experiment with new manufacturing styles since they are reusable. In short, if you are a fashion-minded person, CZ jewelry pieces would offer you a variety of choices and keep you up with the latest fashion trends.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What are Skate Shoes?

Skate shoes are made up to use in the skateboarding. Skateboarding has become a passion and hobby of many adults and young people. These skate shoes offer a lot of features for this category people. There is a lot of stress in this game, so these skate shoes are made up to reduce or lessen the stress. These shoes provide the flexibility and comfort that no ordinary shoe can provide.

If you want to buy quality branded shoes, then these shoes are available eat many online stores. The price of the shoe is dependent on the feature and quality of the shoes. The trend and fashion is now added in these skate shoes as well. If the ingredients used in the skating shoes are more, then the quality would also be high so the price. In order to get the discount shoes, you should have to conduct survey.

To avoid any kind of injury or harm, skate shoes are safest option to go for. There are many features that you need to look before making a purchase decision. The sole of the skating shoe is the first feature that you should see to assess the quality and comfort of shoe. It should be flat to keep the balance and consistency level.
There are a lot of brands in the market that offer these skating shoes. But you should select the one that is offering features such as flat sole, grip, flexibility and stability. There are laces in these shoes that help you assess the quality of shoes. The quality shoes are however expensive to purchase but these shoes gives you the experience of fun and joy you remember always. It also depends on the needs and choice of a person to buy these skating shoes. You can get these skating shoes from both online and offline source in the form of discount shoes.

Both men and women can buy these shoes from these online and offline stores. There are Orisis shoes that are best for both women and men to buy. These are little expensive as compared to others, but they give you ease and convenience of wearing. The other brands are DC, Emerica, Globe, Vans and many more. You can have fun with these shoes with a lot of thrill and adventure.

Loreal cosmatics

Loreal has been chosen by several French companies as their regional base and headquarters for the Latin America region. Companies that have set up base in Panama include cosmetics giant L’Oreal, pharmaceutical Sanofi-Aventis and petroleum’s Total.

The overall French investment in Panama has surpassed the $600 million mark, with an estimated $1 billion reach by 2010. The largest investment in Panama by a French company is that of GDF Suez who have developed and continue develop power generation projects, for $650 million.

Dubai Consortium seeks investment in Panama

A consortium of Dubai companies is seeking investment opportunities in Panama. The delegation has arrived in the country for a five day fact finding objective, as well as to hold meetings with various business sectors. Severo Sousa has highlighted the benefits of trade and investment in the country inclusive of current laws, logistics and strategic location.

Loreal promoted in Berlin

The Tourism Authority of Panama is promoting Panama at one of the most important trade fairs in the world. The delegation which includes 8 local firms will promote Panama’s culture and conservation efforts at the ITB Berlin, which is expected to receive 178 000 visitors, over the period of the fair.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

An Overview of the Windows Phone HTC HD 7 Pro

After the introduction of the Windows Phone HTC HD 7 in the market, Microsoft went ahead to introduce a modified version of it. The HTC HD 7 pro also utilizes the Windows Phone 7 operating system and it has got a flexible start screen that can be utilized to suit an individuals needs. The phone is fitted with the people hub that allows interaction through the social networks such as face Book and Windows Live. The phone has got an inbuilt five mega pixel camera that produces very high quality photos. Video recording is also at a very high level and other features including the Bing Map can be utilized for direction.

The device is fitted with the picture hub that show cases the photos that have been take using the inbuilt five mega pixel camera. This handset goes further to allow the sharing of photos with friend in Face book, Windows Live and Shy drive which are social network sites. The phone also allows the user to share the videos with friends in the mentioned social networks. The phone is fitted with the video and music hubs that allows the user to download information with the aid of the inbuilt Zune software. This hub will also access the user to listen to live radio and the phone has got SRS sound enhancement that ensures the quality of the sound is at its best. One can also utilize the wireless headphones using the Bluetooth technology or decide to go for the older model of headphones that utilize the 3.5mm connector of the jack.

This phone has got a screen dimension of 3.6 inches that makes it portable. The fully loaded QWERTY keyboard makes it very easy for one to navigate up and down the phone. Typing can be done very fast and the touch screen also assists in the fast navigation process. The Windows Phone HTC HD 7 Pro is fitted with a GPS antenna which is utilized to provide Bing Maps that are used for directions. This phone also has a provision of the game lovers as they can enjoy Xbox Live games. The phone also comes with an inbuilt memory of 8GB. This Windows Phone 7 is worth the buy.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

proenza schouler spring fashion

he collection unveiled duirng New York Fashion Week didn’t cause a super stir but was given a warm reception.

Nothing was really innovative except for the idea of track jackets wrapped around waists and prolonged into tank dresses and shirtdresses.

The pieces looked unusual and they might be interesting for those who like style experiments.

Generally the collection was focused on short dresses most of which were blue and green bright. Some were adorned with feathers and sequins but mostly it was the gloss of satin that made them so noticable.

Some dresses were an absolute mess: with huge cutouts and even bra parts separated from the skirt ones.

Just a few accessories were used including chunky braceletes, a coulpe of vibrant-colored handbads and sunglasses that turned the heads of the audience.

What really was catchy is the hair – dyed in violet, green and blue tones. I don’t think it looked great, just another piece of mess in the collection.

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who founded Proenza Schouler in 2002, looked to their youth when designing their spring collection. “We wanted something young, something that felt fresh, so we looked to surfing and skating, the things we grew up on,” they said..

Their approach paid off. The spring collection was laid-back, effortless and cool, without looking shabby. They singlehandedly brought tie dye prints back for spring, while their colorblock wedged-heel sandals will be a mainstay this season. Whether you are inspired to try this collection or not, it is sure to bring you back to your fashionable youth

proenza schouler spring photo

Proenza schouler bags

One of my favorites handbags is Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag! Main reason why I adore this bag : because it is an everyday-very comfortable bag, you can use it as a messenger bag and it's really big so you can put inside almost all of your belongings! Also this bag combines both chic and rock elements mostly because of its strict lines. The stepping stone for a nice bag to become a "must have"one is to be worn by fashion icons. I felt it was necessary to upload these pictures.

Set your weekend fashion right with a Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Suede Satchel. Despite its rather plain totality, this bag guarantees to bring you sophistication and class that could as well go about your day to night time glamour from season to season.

Say, anyone got $14,500 I can borrow? I need to er…make a down payment on a house. Okay, okay, you got me. I really just need the dough to finance this fantastic Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Crocodile Satchel. The PS1 has been the “it” bag of choice this summer, but this taupe crocodile version really elevates the luxury level. (And to think, just a couple of years ago these guys were selling at Target.) I just love the satchel’s versatility (I’m a big bag girl), and its fashion-forward riff on a traditional, academic look. Now excuse me while I run out to buy a lottery ticket. Available for $14,500 at

This has a double belt fastening strap, securing the large flap on the front that would show two front pockets and an internal magnetic clasp and a postman’s lock. There’s also an inner zipped pocket to add practicality to this already large everyday bag that would definitely keep your day’s essentials and more. It also has a short handle and a detachable shoulder strap for carrying options and added versatility.

With that said, you know this isn’t going to be an affordable carryall. Its price tag of $1,995 is indeed expensive but it is actually enough for its rather stylish design and enduring practicality. Its beige color is definitely an easy-to-match shade, although since it is made of suede, you better have to maintain its sumptuous look as often as you can to have it work for years.

proenza schouler fashion

Last night Proenza Schouler designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough celebrated the launch of their new sunglasses line at the Ilori boutique in Soho. Why was Tory Burch there? She told us the Proenza boys are dressing her for the most fabulous fashion party of the year, the rapidly approaching Costume Institute Gala at the Met, hosted by Anna Wintour. "We’re going to do a fitting tomorrow," McCollough revealed. Then he did a quick change: "She let that out already?" he asked. She sure did! Since the secrets were flowing like Champagne at Fashion Week, who else would wear Proenza? "Jack McCollough," Hernandez laughed. Oh, har! But seriously, we neeeeeeeed to know. "We can’t let that out," McCollough said. "But, yeah, a couple of people." Ugh, fine! On to sunglasses: What should we not wear around our eyes this season? "Big logos on the side," Hernandez said. "Or rhinestones," McCollough added.

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