Monday, 29 March 2010

Clip on earrings- another painless option

Clip on earrings were introduced in the West during early 20th century and after that they became a style statement for the people around the world. The main advantage of wearing clip on earrings is that one can then also go for the heavy stuff that can dangle up to the shoulders. It has been noticed that these types of earrings are generally preferred by those women who like to wear all their fashion jewelry safe. All those who have sensitive skin towards metal generally fear of having infection because of the earrings but now with clip earrings there is no need to get worried.

It has been seen that the earrings really mark a great difference on looks of a woman. It can bring out hidden sparkle in the eyes of woman, which is responsible for leaving a charm on the onlooker. So a pair of earrings no matter whether they are pierced or simply clipped is absolute necessary for every woman. Now the trend has changed because these days we can see that even the number of men who are interested in the fashion jewellery is also increasing, therefore these clip on earrings are in great demand as they can satisfy their need of wearing fashion accessories without getting their ears pierced.clip earrings
While buying a pair of the clip on earring one should always remember that these types of earrings can tire ear lobes if they are worn wrongly.

clip on earringsThese types of earrings are generally made from the metal that tends to be very heavy. Jewellery stores have made these earrings so well ornate that they look very beautiful when they tire the ears. So this season, this clip on earrings can be considered as the best buy because they are latest in fashion. There are some earrings that also come along with the rubber pads. This makes them very easy to wear as the pressure gets reduced. These earrings can be found in many different styles like dangles, drop earrings, and studs.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Beguiling magnificence and charm of bracelets

Since the dawn of time, jewelleries have always enhanced the beauty of the wearer. Regardless of what type of jewellery you wear, you will always add an extra charm to your personality. No matter what type of material has been used for these jewelleries, they have always ornamented the loveliness of a civilization hence wearing a piece of jewellery has become the need of the hour. And when it comes to Bracelets, the splendour of beauty intensifies. These trinkets are a must have and it seems as if jewel family is not complete without having at least one. This term originates from the Latin word known as “brachial” which states the meaning “of the arm”. It is very common to find one wearing these trinkets and it has become an inseparable part of jewelleries.

Around the world

This piece of jewellery is found all around the world. No matter which civilization you speak about all are possessed with some or the other historical relevance with these Bracelets. Every civilization was possessed with these bands and they had their own name designated to them. Such as the ancient Egypt civilization has historical significance to Scarab trinkets.bracelets

These jewels represented rebirth and hence they were carved and placed with the dead bodies of the pharaohs under their linen bandages. In the same way Latin America also has some relevance to this jewellery and the recognised them in the name of a symbol which signifies protection. In ancient times, this band was made of gold and studded with red or black coral in the charm. This used to protect the recipient form evil eye and hence saved him from any bad vibe.braceletsFads and trend

There are various styles and categories in which one can find these astounding jewelleries. One of such styles is tennis trinket. Now you may get confused with the fact that what does jewellery has to do with sports. This has relevance with the tennis star Evert who stopped by a match to wear her diamond band in her writs and since then tennis Bracelets have become popular among all the tennis stars. Apart from this there are friendship trinkets which are very popular and a must gift on the friendship day. They are made of macramé and it is a trend to craft one’s won design with these bands. Then you can also have charm trinkets which are used to bring good luck and at the same time enjoy with bead bands in your wrist.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

All you need to know about Kabbalah Eye Bracelets

The current generation is becoming very fashionable these days. They just love to wear jeweleries that will help them look young and in moving with trend.

There are many reasons to wear accessories. Some of the people wear them for looking fashionable and gorgeous however others wear them to bring good luck. This is true. There is actually some jewelery which is studded with lucky stones and hence brings good luck to the wearer. The red string of Kabbalah or the eye Bracelets are one of such jeweleries. As you try to have closer look on this jewelery, you will come to know that something is very peculiar about it. It is a special kind of jewellery which is useful in keeping the eyes of the evil away from you. This piece of jewelery will protect you from negative vibes and save you from the bad results.braceletsThese eye Bracelets from Kabbalah are very lucky for the people who are suffering with bad phase of life. At times it might happen that you are trying harder and harder but are not gaining success in life. Probably you are having a bad time or someone has casted his evil eyes on you. This Kabbalah jewelery is the best way to avoid the negative energy and gain success in life with your hard work. All the misfortunes in life are brought by this negative energy and this jewelery wards the negative energy away from you. There is a red string available in the jewelery will attract good and positive energy in your life. Hence you know that this jewelery is not used for fashionable purpose but is also useful for dispersing negative energy away from you.braceletsThere are many people in this world who are unaware of the positive effects that can be gained with this jewelery. To get the best positive results from this piece of jewelery first you have to buy a red string for your lucky eyes Kabbalah bracelet. Once you have brought a string, you ought to knot it total seven times around your wrist and promise yourself that you wont harm anyone with bad actions and call a halt to the bad thoughts.

Now since you have promised that you will not harm anyone, in return the Bracelets will protect you and safeguard you from evil objects around you. Since you have many people around you who are filed with hatred, it has become the need of the hour to wear this bracelet.bracelets

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My New Best Friends are my Clip on Earrings

Some people befriend new people around school. Others enjoy making friends by beings part of local clubs and organizations on campus. I actually made new friends the moment I purchased my clip on earrings. I can safely say that my clip on earrings is my new best friends.clip on earringsNot only are they my best friends, but they attract other friends for me to meet. They are a great conversation piece and seem to compliment my face structure, so I can’t complain. Whether I’m going to church or going to the mall, I always have a set of clip earrings to match my outfit. I must admit, it’s great how versatile they are and how easy it can be to change styles on the go. Even when I’m late, which I often am, I can go from one dress to another, and if the clip earrings don’t match, taking them off is just a “clip” away. On top of their ease of use, my style of clip earrings seems to be a big hit with the guys, especially in the nightclub scene.clip earringsIt almost seems as if my earrings make me stick out like a sore thumb, and I’m not necessarily complaining. I’ve notice that the more I accessorize, the more attention I receive from people, male or female. Wearing clip on earrings has definitely increased the number of people I actually speak with in one night, if that makes any sense. I especially enjoy the new friendships and connections I have made because of me opening up to new people and accepting the new attention I receive when I go out. Who would have thought wearing clip earrings could “change” your life? And the wonderful thing is that you don’t even need to get your ears pierced to enjoy wearing clip on earrings. Just snap them on and you are essentially ready to make new friends.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Clip on Earrings in Modern Fashion

Are you broken between whether or not you should get your ears pierced? Whether you like piercings or would like to stay pain free with clip on earrings, there are a few routes you can take to achieve the look you’re going for.
As many of you have already noticed, clip on earrings are a growing trend among, not only the younger generation, but also the more mature generations as well. There are actually a number of reasons as to why clip earrings are becoming more popular – when it comes to styles, sizes and overall design, the selection of earrings is nearly endless. Designers are now realizing there is a large enough market for clip-ons and increased the variety earrings for those who desire not to get their ears pierced.clip on earringsWhy do women shy away from getting their ears pierced? Some think it might not be as painful as many believe, but in my opinion, it goes beyond the pain. Waiting for you ears to heal can be somewhat of a hassle – your ears may or may not get infected after the initial piercing. After experiencing an infection on my piercing, I completely understand why some women prefer clip on earrings. Honestly, if you can get the same look, style and feel with clip earrings as you would with piercings, why would you bother with the pain of getting your ears pierced? Some women have learned this the hard way, but it’s never too late to turn back.

As many would agree, clip on earrings are not only as beautiful as other types of earrings, but can be extremely more comfortable to wear. With the availability of almost every design imaginable, in any size or weight you’re looking for, clip on earrings outweigh the pros and eliminates the cons of wearing ear piercings. So what are you waiting for, go to your nearest accessories store and find a style of clip earrings you really like. With summer just right around the corner, forget about those heavy earrings and opt in for some hot clip on earrings - once you go clip-on, you never go back.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Customized Bangle Bracelets—Plenty Of Options To Choose!

Did you have some old gold bangles that you no longer like to wear and were looking forward to doing something creative with? Well, now you have a great option in front of you, all thanks to customized bangle bracelets.

Over the years, people have started investing more in gold than in anything else, and this is the reason why they keep on saving their old gold jewellery even when they no longer feel like wearing it. But fashion always comes up with something tempting, and with customize bangle bracelets, there is no way you don’t feel like moving that big gold pile of yours. All that you need to do is pick some old gold bangles whose designs have now been outdated or ones that you do not like to wear anymore, and take them to a jeweller.

braceletsHe will automatically suggest cutting the bangle in a way that you can add a loop lock to it, and will suggest adding some small hanging pieces to it, which will change the entire look of your bangles. All that it takes to get these customized bangle bracelets is some creativity on what you want it to look like, and some money on the additional gold or diamonds or other materials that you want to be added on.braceletsNot like clip on earrings, bracelets are common among men and women both, and they also make a great gift item. While men like the strong and heavy ones, which have a chain like structure, women like the light and delicate ones which have stuff hanging from them. At times, you are likely to find some good discounts on online stores where they do not take any making charges, and only ask for nominal amounts on the design charges. This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping for gold online, though you cannot always be sure of the quality and the reliability.
The value of gold keeps on appreciating, and even from an investment point of view customised gold bracelets are a great idea. They are actually the same amount of gold that you had earlier, except that now it is in a form that you would actually like to use and wear.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Man This White Valentine’s Day

With White Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many of us are cracking our heads, trying to come up with that perfect present for that someone special. When buying gifts for our man, most of us are undoubtedly guilty of sticking to the same old safe choices. Many of our gifts are excitedly unwrapped only to reveal a boring tie or shirt. Those among us with a slightly bigger budget might opt for the latest creation in the gadget world that we know has caught your eye. This White Valentine’s Day, instead of the same old thing as you do every year; how about trying something new? How about buying him something that he usually gets you? Jewelry!

braceletsNo before you brush the idea of pretty jewelry for your manly man aside, pause and think for a second. Wouldn’t you like to give him something that helps him improve his look , maybe even add a little swagger back into his step? Apart from the fashion conscious metro sexuals , most men tend to steer clear of risqué fashion choices like bracelets for accessories instead, opting for what they are familiar with; caps, belts and perhaps a pair of funky trainers. The opportunity for a new style infusion can come from you! Jewelry for your man should ideally go with his existing style, so pay attention to what he likes to wear. It also does not have to be a particularly expensive purchase as there are many moderately priced jewelry options. For instance, you can get jewelry made out of metals like titanium that are relatively inexpensive or you could opt for cubic zirconia jewelry like man’s bracelets, which looks like genuine precious diamonds but doesn’t cost as much.braceletsThe latest trends in jewelry for men include bracelet, from thick metal pieces that are that are simple to cubic zirconia bracelets that mimic the bling worn by your man’s favorite rapper or rock star.
Cubic zirconia jewelry has a wide variety of designs and styles for you to introduce to your man this Valentines Day.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

What Does Your Bracelet Say About You?

We have all been told not to judge books by their covers and not to build our impressions on outward appearances. However, the choices we make in terms of our appearance and attire are representations of ourselves that we put forth into the world. Whether we like it or not, we are judged and categorized based on theses representations. Short skirts and plunging necklines give of certain implications and at the opposite end sensible shoes and pencil skirts evoke a much different aura. Have you ever wondered what the small little choices you make say about you? What are people thinking when they notice that bracelets on your wrist?
Classic gold or silver bracelets are seen to be conservative fashion choices. Simple, clean cut designs are indicative of a wearer who is fuss free and certain. Chain or wire patterns and embellishments steer you away from the conservative and into the arena of someone who is willing to experiment a little.bracelets
Charm bracelets, the must have accessory of the moment are the hallmark of someone who knows her stuff, the girl who is up to date with her fashion choices and keenly aware of what is in at the moment. Multiple and layered accessories give off the airs of someone who wants to make a statement and be a little different. They are usually expected to come on the hands of a loud and bubbly personality, someone who is definitely an individual. Leather and spikes or chunky embellishments in a bracelet give off a harder image; associations with rock and roll and notions of defiantly standing out come to mind.bracelets
These impressions while being admittedly stereotypical, do give us some guidance on making appropriate fashion choices. A chain mail bracelet would be utterly uncharacteristic in a boardroom atmosphere for example. Ultimately it is smart to be educated and aware of what out fashion choices say about us. It helps us think about what to wear at different occasions and at different instances in our lives. It equips us with the necessary information to make good decisions and even better impressions.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bargain Hunting for Bracelets

clip on earrings
When most people think of jewellery shopping, lavish and extravagant purchases come to mind like diamond tennis bracelets or even a classic gold number. However, buying a bracelet does not have to be a purchase that puts a huge dent in your budget. It does not have to be an experience that leaves you with guilty and remorse at having spent way too much money. Bargain hunting is a must this season. Matching old with new and high end items with basement finds is the trend to follow.
There are many cheaper alternatives in the market that can leave you looking just as spectacular. Instead of spending a bomb on genuine diamond or precious stone pieces that you are unlikely to wear very often, a smarter and cheaper option is to buy on made out of crystals like cubic zirconium. These offer the same lustre and sheen but at a fraction of the cost, this gives you the leeway to buy more than one.

Another bargain trend that has caught on among the fashion darlings is plastic and wooden hand accessories. These take the form of clip on earrings, bracelets and wrist bands. They are easily available and very cheap. One can also find them in a variety of designs and colours to suit every taste and style. These cheaper accessories give you greater freedom of choice, allowing you to mix and match the various styles. For example, you could pair up a set of dirt cheap bracelets with a more pricey bracelet or wristband, the contrast is both interesting to the eye and very fashionable.braceletsWith a skilled eye and some careful purchases you can build up a great collection of accessories that can be worn with a whole slew of outfits to any and every occasion. So don’t be afraid to go out and dig around in the bargain bins or even craft stores, you never know what fashionable knick knack you might find. Experiment a little, mix high end pieces with your bargain finds and in no time you are going to the icon people in the office or around town look to when they want to see what is in style.