Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Socially Responsible: Fashionably Fabulous

If you have seen the film “Blood Diamond,” you will know that diamonds have a history of causing both social and environmental damages. While the diamond industry has remained secretive, many consumers are now aware of the social and environmental impacts diamonds can have due to films and the internet. The diamond market is a monopoly as it is controlled by one major company with very few competitors. This company controls the availability of diamonds to the public and therefore the price. The company has the ability to make diamonds appear rare and special. Commercials and society only perpetuate and regurgitate this idea. Diamond jewelry sets sell for way over their actual worth. Here is a Cubic Zirconia Jewelry set that looks extremely similar to a diamond jewelry set that would be very expensive and possibly very detrimental in several ways.

jewelry sets
Cubic Zirconia jewelry is just as beautiful, but does not hold the same connotations as diamonds in society because they do not have the reputation of being rare or special. However, savvy consumers know that jewelry is more than showing off. CZ jewelry is affordable and socially responsible as it does not have any of the same impacts that diamonds can have socially and environmentally. Jewelry should represent something more than just status and wealth. Jewelry is often bought to mark or celebrate a special event like a graduation, marriage, a wedding anniversary, or Christmas. Giving jewelry should be more of a symbol of love and affection than a status symbol. Fortunately more and more consumers are looking for companies that allow them to reflect their interests and social responsibility. More consumers are looking towards homemade jewelry, recycled jewelry, and fair trade jewelry. These options have many beautiful styles that will have you feeling great not only about how you look, but also about your socially responsible choices.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Jewelry Sets: Your Formal Event Back-up

In these days, even the worst accessory shopper can look amazing in hot, trendy jewelry. There are some shoppers who have a real hard time mixing and matching accessories and dealing with outfit choices. If you are afraid to mix and match your own outfits and jewelry, try purchasing jewelry sets! They are the best option for finding jewelry that is not too expensive, but is also not cheap looking. The great thing about jewelry sets is that you can wear each part separately if you so choose. However, if you are in a rush or are too lazy to mix and match, you can always throw on your jewelry set and look as polished as anyone else, maybe even more so. Penelope Cruz looks absolutely stunning below in very simple jewelry. The simplicity of these pieces is what makes them so beautiful. This is just one style of jewelry sets.

jewelry sets

Jewelry sets come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles these days. High end jewelry sets are studded with diamonds and other pricy jewels, but there are many cubic zirconia jewelry sets that look just as glamorous as the jewelry pieces with the real jewels. CZ jewelry is becoming more and more popular these dCZ jewelryays due to the state of the economy and wide availability of CZ jewelry. There are beautiful colored gemstones available for jewelry sets, but you can also vouch for sterling silver jewelry sets, as well as pearl jewelry sets. Many celebrities opt to wear jewelry sets to red carpet events. Here Cameron Diaz is seen wearing a vibrant turquoise jewelry set proving that jewelry sets are not strictly limited to sparkly gems. They come in a variety of styles. If you are ever in a bind for a formal event and don’t know how to accessorize, consider jewelry sets as your option!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Revival: Old Hollywood Glam

For all the ladies that love a classic black and white movie and the pin up girls of eras past, you can breathe easy knowing that these trends have come full circle, experiencing a revival on the runways and the pages of respected fashion magazines. The best thing about this trend is that you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve effortless chic glamour.

Vintage looks are a welcome break from the hit and miss trends that are in one day and out the next. Plus, with vintage, you can find pieces in thrift stores, at flea markets and even in your mother’s and grandmother’s closets. Vintage jewelry is especially fun to wear and play dress up with.Celebrity CZ jewelryCZ jewelry has been around for many years, but we are just now witnessing resurgence in the form of statement necklaces, bodacious bracelets and signature cocktail rings. These pieces are fun to wear and they look just as great at the office as they do on a date or a night out with the girls. There aren’t too many accessorizes that can be worn with both jeans and a LBD, but cubic zirconia jewelry fits the bill.

To achieve an authentic vintage look, may we suggest classic shapes that are well made and have great attention to craftsmanship. For example, art deco Cubic zirconia jewelry is a hot seller. This is especially due to the fact that celebs like Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett have recently been spotted rocking this Old Hollywood style glam. Now you can get their look with CZ jewelry that looks just as beautiful, but doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Try adding CZ bracelets to a classic sheath (think Mad Men style). Throw on a pair of pumps and some red lipstick and you’re good to go. Retro glam is back and we couldn’t be happier!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Clip On Earrings Make a Comeback

Not everyone who loves fashion happens to have pierced ears. In fact, more and more women are choosing to forgo the piercing process in favor of clip on earrings that are just as fashionable and fun to wear. There are many considerations to weigh when making this decision. Here are some of the pros of clip on earrings.
Angelina Jolie clip on earrings
  • Anyone can wear them – Even if you already have pierced ears, you can easily switch it up and try earrings -clip on earrings as an alternative. Clip earrings are great for little girls who want to play dress up, as well as older women who may not be able to deal with small pieces and jewelry backs.

  • You can avoid infection – Many women who've had their ears pierced can attest to the fact that there is often a long and cumbersome healing process that goes along with the procedure. However, with clip earrings, you don't have to worry about any of that. It's as easy as clip and go.

  • You never have to worry about losing an earring back – These one piece wonders make it easy to keep track of your jewelry. With clip on earrings, there's less to worry about.

  • They're better for your ears – Clip earrings don't weigh down or stretch your earlobes. Instead, they gently hug your earlobe, securely holding the earring in place. This is especially beneficial for women who like to wear larger or heavier earring styles.

  • They're available in a variety of styles and settings – It used to be that you were dealing with a limited number of clip earring designs, but designers and retailers have been better keeping up with the demand and the realization that not all who want to be fashionable have pierced ears.

  • They're adjustable – If you have sensitive ears, you can look for a pair of clip on earrings that have adjustable screws on the back. This is your best bet for trying to achieve the most comfortable fit possible.

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    Tuesday, 15 September 2009

    Different Types of Clip on Earrings

    Just with any type of accessory, there are many different styles and settings from which to choose. Clip earrings are no different. In fact, they offer just as much variety as their pierced counterparts. Clip on earrings are a great alternative for women who may not want to go through with a painful piercing, or who may have religious or personal beliefs that prevent them from doing so. Therefore, clip earrings make the perfect accessory.
    Clip on earringsModern clip on earrings use a style that gently hugs the earring to the ear with the use of a small hinge. These earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear, especially for women who prefer heavier clip earrings styles and designs. They work well for hoop, chandeliers, drop earrings and just about any other style.

    Vintage clip earrings typically have a screw back that is adjustable through the use of a small clamp. This is beneficial, as you can make the clip earrings as tight or as loose as you'd like with just the right amount of pressure.

    Clip earrings are great for the woman on the go, as there are fewer small pieces to worry about. Instead, you have the earrings and the backs as an all-in-one accessory. If you’ve had issues with pierced ears or you’re scared of needles, clip earrings make the perfect alternatives. They are easy to wear and appropriate for women of any age.

    In the past, the selections and styles of clip on earrings have been somewhat limited, but today, all that’s changed, as the demand for clip earrings has experienced a recent boost. Women are re-considering these earrings as a fashionable accessory. Your best bet is to look online for deals. You can also find styles that are up to date and ones that rival celeb inspired looks.

    Sunday, 13 September 2009

    CZ Jewelry - Fashion Jewelry Trends

    Every season, the trends of what we are supposed to wear are dictated by designer runway shows and the glossy pages of major fashion magazines. Some of what we see is absolutely over the top, albeit fun and exciting to view. Other trends, however, are completely wearable. We've noticed a lot of great cocktail rings this season, and thankfully, now everyone can afford to get in on trend with cubic zirconia rings that offer up all the glam for the gal on a budget. What's not to love about that?Eden's Enamel & CZ Snake RingToday, it's important to scrimp and pinch, saving a dollar here and a few bucks there. But it's also a priority to keep up with the fashion trends of the current season. CZ rings offer a great way to do both. Whether you're going for an oversize statement stone, an intricate animal design or a setting reminiscent of vintage inspired art deco, you can find what looking for with cubic zirconia rings.

    Some couples are even turning to CZ rings as an alternative to diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. CZ rings deliver that same "wow!" factor but are completely affordable. Many women get inspired by the rings they've seen on the fingers of celebs like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Heigl. Because of their popularity, a lot of these designs are available in the form of CZ rings. Try checking online for options that will suit your taste and budget.Blue's Pave CZ Owl Cocktail Jewelry - RingCZ jewelry may not be the newest fashion fad, but they do pack enough sparkle to make any woman swoon. Why get one piece of expensive jewelry when you can grab a handful of CZ rings for the same price. Plus, you'll have enough left over for a new dress or pair of shoes. It's a win-win situation!

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    Wednesday, 9 September 2009

    Affordable Fashionable CZ Jewelry

    Cubic zirconia jewelry has become popular in the fashion world rapidly in the past years. Why pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for something you may only wear for one season or for some people one day? As seasons change, fashions change. In today’s fashion, ladies and gentlemen like to match different accessories and jewelries with different outfits. It would cost a fortune to match your outfits with thousand dollar jewelries. On the other hand, cz jewelries express the same fashion at a much lower price.
    CZ jewelry
    Not only does cz jewelry save your wallets from being empty, now a days people cannot even tell the difference between cz jewelry and jewelry anymore. Professionals can barely tell the difference between a diamond and a piece of glass. They look and feel the same as any other types of jewelry and because they can be produced at such low costs, there is a vast selection to choose from. With larger selections of unique and fashionable CZ jewelry people can be more creative than ever.
    CZ rings
    Cubic zirconia jewelry is for people of all ages. Match them with anything or make a nice gift out of it. Wear them to school, work, and parties. Or ask someone to marry you! As mentioned in one of the previous posts, people have turned to CZ rings, engagement and wedding bands. We no longer have to be as rich as Bill Gates to offer our loved ones the perfect ring.

    Tuesday, 8 September 2009

    How to Choose a Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

    Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions and purchases you will ever make. This ring will be worn for the rest of your life, so you'll want to make sure that you select carefully and opt for a design that represents your personality but isn't so trendy that you'll grow tired of it. With so many couples looking to tie the knot, but wanting to save for other purchases like a wedding or a first home, a lot of people are turning to CZ rings as an alternative to much pricier diamonds. If you're in the market, check out our guide to buying one or a set or Cubic Zirconia rings.

    CZ jewelry- rings
    First, have a discussion with the bride-to-be regarding what type of ring she would like. Have her look through magazines and cut out pictures of styles and settings she likes. If there's a celebrity engagement ring that she likes, have that replicated in the form of a CZ ring. It will look just as beautiful, but won't cost nearly as much.

    Second, make sure you know the ring size of your sweetheart. Visit a jewelry store to get properly sized. While you’re there, check out the selection of rings to make sure that you find the ideal Cubic Zirconia ring. Typically, you should be in the market for two CZ rings: the first is the engagement ring and the second is the wedding band. Often, it's cheaper if you buy these in a set, but if you don't, that's okay too.

    Third, decide on the details for your Cubic Zirconia rings. Once you've got the basic setting down, choose between the cut and color of the stone. You don’t have to worry about the clarity of CZ rings, as they are completely perfect. Made with man made stones, CZ rings are ideal because they are strong and the closest counterpart to diamonds. If you decide, you can always have the stone in your ring replaced with a real diamond later on. However, many women that have real diamond rings choose to wear CZ jewelry instead.

    Sunday, 6 September 2009

    Why Clip Earrings?

    If you're a typical woman, then you have a million things on your plate. There's work and relationships, family and kids, working out and leisure time (if you're lucky!). So it's hard to imagine making time for anything else. That's exactly how I felt after getting my ears pierced twice, only to find out that my body pretty much rejects pierced ears. They are just not meant to be. So after weeks and weeks of waiting for my ears to heal, religiously applying my antiseptic cleanser and still getting an infection, I've given up on pierced ears. I've made the transition back to clip on earrings, and I've never been happier.

    I used to think that it was a necessity to have pierced ears in order to wear the latest and greatest earring styles. After going through my ordeal, I realize I was grossly wrong. Thankfully, many top designers and major retailers have responded to the demand for more fashion forward clip on earrings, resulting in more choices for me in during in-store and online shopping trips.clip on earringsIn speaking with my doctor about the benefits of clip earrings vs. pierced, I came to find out that clip earrings are less damaging to your earlobes. This might not be the case for every woman, but I prefer to wear some styles that are heavier and more ornate than others. In this case, clip on earrings don't weigh down your ear. Instead, they stay attached by gently hugging your lobe. Some styles have a padded back, whereas others offer adjustable screw backs. Such is the case for some antique style clip on earrings which I inherited from my great grandmother. Now that vintage is back in style, I'm happily sporting these designs on various occasions.

    Additionally, I'm happy that I could finally get rid of my collection of one off earrings (from all of the pierced earring backs and loose ones that I had lost). With clip on earrings, it's easy to keep track of my accessories, especially when traveling or running from one event to another.

    Thursday, 3 September 2009

    Handmade bracelets

    Handmade bracelets are very hot now! These pictures are so amazing!

    Handmade bracelets
    Handmade bracelets
    Handmade bracelets jewelryFind more pictures from emitations.com

    Tuesday, 1 September 2009

    Pink Jewelry Style

    Pink CZ Bridesmaid EarringsKeeley's Pink CZ Bridesmaid Earrings
    CZ Diamond Stud Earrings- PinkMegan's 5 TCW Cushion Cut CZ Diamond Stud Earrings- Pink

    Pink CZ JewelryCZ Jewelry - Zahara's Three Stone Oval Pink Cubic Zirconia rings