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Men on Silver Jewelry

Jewelries are often seen on females. It does not depend onto what age group the person is; as long as the person is female most likely jewelries will be a great part of her daily accessory. Jewelries come in many shapes, designs, sizes, and made. Prices also vary from the qualities that have just been mentioned. There are a great number of shapes for jewelry. It can take out the form of just anything, from inscribed names, wordings, to cartoon characters, and zodiac signs. Different symbols are also used for jewelry’s shape, and many other things. Jewelries can also be embedded by different stones, some are cheap stones and other is just expensive stones like diamonds, emerald, and other precious stones. Jewelries are also made from different materials, whereas the famous would be gold and silver, although other jewelries are also made from alloys metals, or also known as mixed-metals.

Among gold and silver jewelry, gold are the most famous among the two, but silver are the one mostly worn by people of different ages. Not only because silver are cheaper than gold, but also for the reason that silver jewelries have a non-biased color than can be worn to just about any color of clothes, unlike gold that has a yellowish color shade on it. From the types of silver jewelries, silver rings are one of the jewelry types that are also widely worn by male alike. It is the type of jewelry that can be considered as a unisex jewelry. Silver rings are actually mostly found in males than in females. Ever watched a gangster movie, or a movie that concerns hip-hop, or any action movie? Try to focus on the fingers of the actors and actresses. A silver ring or two can be seen mostly on actors than in actresses. Proving the point that rings made out of silver can be mostly seen worn by men than women. And the silver bracelets are also popular to the males as well. As for women, they are more fond wearing gold jewelries than silver, maybe for a reason that gold jewelries are more classy to wear and look at, giving a sense of elegant, compare to silver jewelries. And also, that is maybe one of the reason why men are fond in wearing silver jewelries, for opposite reason that silver jewelries are simpler to wear and to look at, leaving a touch of manliness even when wearing a silver jewelry.

Indian Bridal Kundan Jewellery

Indian bridal jewelry varies from region to region as well as different communities. Precious stones such as jade, garnet, emerald, amethyst, pearl and coral are widely used in Indian bridal jewelry. Stones are said to pass their own special healing touch to the wearer. The precious stones are said to have an effect on one's blood vessels and temperament. Use of navarathnas or nine precious stones can be seen in finger rings and earrings.

The mangal sutra is an important item in the bridal jewelry. This necklace is tied by the husband around the wife's neck as a symbol of their union. This is usually created on a necklace strung with black beads. It is considered a protection against the evil eye. Many a bride makes a few changes to suit her tastes, keeping well within the prescribed parameters.

The conventional gold pendant is often replaced with a diamond. The length of the mangalsutra is one of personal preference. Black beads are sometimes interspersed with gold beads. South Indian brides wear silk saris that are offset by exquisite jewelry in gold. Bridal jewelry encrusted with rubies, emeralds or pearls is popular. The south Indian women wear a thaali as a symbol of their marriage. This is usually in the form of a thick yellow thread with gold pendant.

Brides from Maharashtra wear stings of pearls in a cascade from the temples down to the shoulders, framing the face. The Punjabi bride wears bangles that are made of ivory. The parting of her hair is decorated with a gold ornament called the tikka. Red and green bangles or churas are important in many communities of India. They are given by the bride's mother and it is customary to wear them for about 40 days after the wedding ceremony.

Some churas are set in ivory with inlay work done on them. Toe-rings are another jewelry item that is worn by married women in many parts of the country. The women from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar wear toe-rings called bichwa. Kashmiri women wear a long suspended cord with an ornament from the pierced ears. Brides from Bengal wear the iron kada or bangle called 'loha'. This is artistically encased in gold. A red lac bangle is yet another important bridal jewelry item.

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Indian brides wear jewelry sets that are made in gold, be it necklaces, bangles, anklets and earrings. Many a time, the bridal jewelry is set with diamonds and other precious stones. The modern day bride prefers to have some modern wearable items of gold jewelry in her trousseau. Not many would like to be weighed down by heavy jewelry that cannot be worn often and will be more an invitation for thieves. Come the wedding season and you can see crowds thronging the jewelry stores. Indian bridal jewelry has always been considered her 'streedhan' - personal wealth that would stand in good stead in times of need.
Fine filigree jewelry in silver is a hallmark of the artisans of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Filigree work uses silver wires of varying thickness to make geometrical shapes, leaves, flowers and butterflies and birds. Jaipur is famous for enamel work - exquisite bangles and necklaces with colored enamel paneling on crafted gold.

Kundan jewelry also finds favor with many Indian brides.Kundan jewelry is characterized by gems embedded in gold leaf and not rim or claw. This jewelry style is inspired by the Mughals. Temple jewelry from South India is inspired by temple statues and motifs and is usually characterized by red and green semi precious stones. Jewelry in the southern states is inspired by nature - paisley motifs, rice grains, melon seeds, cobra head and birds.

Indian Bridal jewellery

 The Indian bride really looks stunning in her ceremonial dress and vibrant abundance! Brides are decked up in jewelries which covers almost the entire part of her body. The range of bridal jewelry encompasses mangalasutra, earrings, nose ring, necklace, bangles, waistband, anklets, and toe rings. Indian jewelry for brides is created to enhance the beauty of the woman. The gentle tinkle of the anklets around delicate feet, a set of jingling bangles on her hands and an exquisitely crafted necklace round her neck - the Indian bride looks resplendent in her finery and colorful profusion. Some bridal ornaments such as waistbands and armlets are rarely worn these days.

South and North India have their own unique style of ornaments. Kundan is the signature work of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are known for their fine filigree work. Jaipur is famous for the art of enameling or meenakari.

 The gold price are setting new high every day. Do you want to know the real reason why gold is in so much demand? Shown below are some unique marriages pictures with heavy jewelry in India. Caution - some of the pictures are really mind boggling. Even though, this is Not a common occurrence to wear so much heavy jewelry…can you even imagine wearing more gold than that? The bride must be tired of carrying all that heavy weight. I wonder if this is the real reason the gold prices are hitting new high every day !!
In India, marriage events and gold jewelry go together. Indian marriages are akin to the exhibition of heavy gold jewelry. Every wedding season you can see crowds in the jewelry stores. Primarily, Indian bride jewelry sets are made in gold, be it necklaces, bangles, anklets, and earrings. As the trend keeps evolving, modern brides prefer wearing ornaments in diamond, platinum, and other exquisite stones. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Gifts are Going Silver

There are a million things you can give someone on scores of occasions. You can give your friends airplanes like Elvis did, or you can give a gift of sterling silver jewelry. You can be sure it will be received with as much enthusiasm as would airplanes. There are a lot of things that come in between. Jewelry itself holds many and numerous possibilities. Silver jewelry, we daresay, holds a place of its own by being trendy, fashionable and, most of all, inexpensive. Gone are the days when silver jewelry was looked down upon. With the economic condition being on the brink for many people, silver ornaments have gained a respectable place in the life of man.

Contrary to popular belief, silver is harder than gold to touch when it is transformed into sterling silver and sterling silver jewelry is even harder, so you can be sure that your gift will remain in circulation for long. Unless, of course, in the unlikely event of the recipient losing it, or throwing it away.

Silver jewelry has the facility to look businesslike as well as casual. It can transform itself into something serious and be at home as part of a millionaire's attire. It can also take the look of a casual wearer like a college student on a night out. The sophisticated aura of the rich man will rub off on sterling silver jewelry and enhance its appeal. The college kid will pass on his casual attitude to the silver jewelry, thereby making him blend in with the general atmosphere. That is the malleability of silver jewelry. It can thus be an ideal gift to both high end business people and low end and frivolous teenagers. The people who fall between the two categories too can be brought into an amenable lot.

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. Many a couple these days prefer inexpensive yet trendy silver jewelry to traditional gold and diamonds. We would like to congratulate them for their sensible decision. If you give them a silver wedding ring, it would be just the thing they need. You may even give the attendants a thoughtful set of silver jewelry at a little extra cost, but the goodwill you earn will surely be immense.

Before buying a gift, however, you would do well to try and find out what silver jewelry the intended recipient already owns. This way, you can make a gift of something he/she does not already have in his/her possession.

Hottest Designer Lehenga Cholis

When wedding is the occasion, nothing can be better than fancy Lehenga cholis. They not only reflect the Indian dressing aura, but also offer the wearer a trendy look. Even if the bride has simple make up, on wedding day little embellished fancy lehenga choli makes the real difference. This bridal attire holds the utmost importance in the whole bridal ensemble. In today’s fashionable Lehenga cholis, embroidery is the best way to decorate dress as it comes in various designs starting from simple to highly ornamented ones. If you want simple attire, you can choose simple embroidery wedding dress. Weddings are auspicious events as well as a memorable occasion for the bride. For a bride, her wedding dress must be extraordinary in all possible ways. Wedding customs vary in different regions of India and the dress is selected according to the native place of the bride. So, be it a saree, salwar suit or lehenga, the dress has to be exclusive. With the number of customized services available at retailers, modern brides can get tailor-made lehengas for herself. Indian weddings have innumerable rites and ceremonies
Designer pink ghaghra with applique work in bottom half and rich sequence work upper half,stylish in cut choli and georgette duppatta. Pure hand work with fine & antique embellishment and embroidery. Best quality fabric and stitching for comfort and long-lasting. SIZE: Customer's measurement required.

For the wedding, sari and salwar kameez are good options but ambience of Lehenga is unbeatable. Now, if you choose embroidered lehenga it makes the bride look at her best in every way. The embroidered bridal lehenga enhances the look of bride and gives a glow to her. Lehenga is masterpiece attire in itself and design of embroidery over it lends charisma to its visual aspect. You will find a wide range of fascinating Lehenga cholis that make your occasions really special.You can no celebrate wedding ceremonies with fascinating embroidered bridal lehenga that comes with varieties and various designs.The act of designing bridal lehenga choli with embroidery is in norm since earlier times. The traditional embroidery for Indian bridal wear is awesome. Embroidery has changed a lot with evolving time and today many contemporary designs are seen. These embroidery patterns offer excellent beauty to the Lehenga cholis.

Many embroidered bridal lehengas are available in diverse designs and are beautiful and elegant. Versatility is a prime feature of embroidered Lehenga cholis that suits each and every taste.

Friday, 17 June 2011

rihanna short hair styles

Rihanna, from the beautiful island nation of Barbados, took control of the American music industry with her debut album entitled “Music of the Sun.” Her singles, beginning with “Pon de Replay,” dominated the Billboards. And eventually, she received a Grammy Award.Her sultry voice mesmerized music lovers. And her enchanting face, framed by beautiful Rihanna short hairstyles, charmed photographers and won over celebrity critics.

Was Rihanna born with naturally beautiful hair that complements her perfect face? She was certainly born with a beautiful voice and good genes, but the gorgeous Rihanna short hairstyles are not genetically-designed.With Rihanna short hairstyles, the only role that genetics played is in determining the shape of her face. The shape of the face is the first and foremost aspect that will decide whether a certain hairstyle is jaw-dropping amazing, just acceptable, or hideously atrocious. And Rihanna is no exception.

short hair styles for women over 50

There are many hairstyle choices for women over 50 and you are only limited by a hairstyle that fits your face, color, personality, hair texture and lifestyle. With the right hairstyle, you can appear as dazzling as ever and look miraculously younger.

Here are four common problems facing women over 50 and hairstyle ideas to help you look your best.

Fine and Thinning Hair

Dry and limp hair is likely the most common problem for women 50 and above. A short hairstyle is most often considered better for women with thinning hair, as a short hairstyle tends to divert attention from the hair to the face.

Fine and thin hair looks better when cut in a short bob with side swept bangs of interest. This type of hairstyle is also excellent for camouflaging a wrinkled or high forehead. And if your pressed for time a short bob only needs some gentle blow-drying after shampooing.

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Bridal Sharara Indian And Pakistan Fashion

GHARARA Pakistani Fashion

GHARARA Pakistani Fashion
GHARARA Pakistani Fashion
GHARARA Pakistani Fashion
GHARARA Pakistani Fashion
GHARARA Pakistani Fashion
GHARARA Pakistani Fashion

Bridal Designer Suit

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One of the most preferred Bridal outfits of Indian brides, Homeindia’s line of Lehenga Cholis . We offer designer Sherwanis for men, including Indo westerns, jodhpuri suits .
Since I wish to be comfortable on my wedding day I have opted for a less than traditional pants idea.Many of my friends and my mother agree this is a beautiful bridal pant suit!I’m looking forward to wearing this glamorous comfortable and interesting design!My mother and I are going to duplicate this.
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This beautiful Designer Indian bridal salwar kameez has beautiful golden print all over along with contrasting embellished patchwork on daman. Contrasting salwar is plain. Dupatta with block print and pretty laces on edges is adding more grace to this designer salwar kameez.
Our range of embroidered ladies suits is designed to cast a charisma. Additionally these embroidered ladies suits are very graceful and elegantly embroidered in patterns including drawn thread, applique, bead, outline stitch, cutwork, filet, gold work, chain stitch, pearls, straight stitch using metal strips, quills and sequins. These embroidered ladies suits are manufactured with beautiful color contrasts and elaborate sequin and bead work using a wide range of threads such as: