Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Do You Know What Wearing Silver Jewelry Says About You?

The popularity of silver jewelry as an accessory has been soaring in the recent past. In most cases, the metal jewelry is worn when one intends to make a fashion statement. This does not undermine the fact that there are people who prefer other types of jewelry. It is important to acknowledge that the popularity of sterling silver jewelry mainly stems from its glamorous nature. However, it is important to acknowledge that silver has many meanings. If anyone was to see you wearing silver jewelry, several things would clock in their mind. As much as you may have your own intentions for wearing the jewelry, there are some inevitable meanings that it would have.

To start with, it would create a meaning as to your wish to mingle with the crowd or feel like you belong to them. As much as gold may be more conventional, it puts an element of exclusivity or implying that you are in a class of your own and are better off in secluded places. This is unlike silver which, while making a fashion statement, allows for this element of familiarity.

Sterling silver jewelry could also create an impression as to your confidence in yourself. Being in a position to wear it is enough to create this impression. This, however, would not be interpreted as being boastful or as an attention seeker. While there are other types of jewelry that would still make statements about your confidence, silver jewelry accomplishes this in a more or less composed manner.

In addition, silver can be interpreted as being simplistic. As indicated before, sterling silver jewelry can show you are confident in yourself in a composed manner. Silver jewelry brings out the beauty in people in a simple manner. One thing that you should appreciate about silver jewelry is that it comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Nevertheless, it should be possible to find some that accommodates your tastes, while also being captivating in its elegance.

Investing in sterling silver jewelry would definitely complement your image. However, it is important that you ensure that the pieces are genuine, as fake pieces would do more harm than good. In addition, it would be important that you ensure that the silver jewelry is well cleaned and properly stored. This will ensure that the jewelry retains its glamour. It is important that you store it in zip bags, as this will prevent air from reacting with the jewelry and thus tarnish.

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