Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Discover the Appropriate Method for Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been used as an accessory for quite some time. One thing that you should appreciate about the metal is that it looks clean and has a shiny glamour which adds to one’s individual style. It is important to note, however, that the glamour will not remain if the sterling silver jewelry is not taken care of properly, or cleaned in the right manner. It is important to note that silver is a soft metal, so it will tarnish especially if it is not well cleaned or maintained in the right manner.

Cleaning silver jewelry regularly and properly prevents the metal from tarnishing. Cleaning of the jewelry is done only using a soft cotton cloth or a soft flannel. In addition, you could make use of a wide range of silver cleaning cloths that can be bought. The good thing about silver cleaning cloths is that they come with some chemicals which prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing. The cloths are ideal for quick cleaning of the sterling silver jewelry before they are worn, as well as intensive cleaning when you want to store them.

Cleaning the silver jewelry could also be done by the use of soap in liquid form. This soap is added to heated warm water and the solution is applied to the silver jewelry using the soft cloth. Make sure you have wiped away the dirt and rinse it using warm water before properly drying it. It is important that you take care of any intricate details incorporated in the pieces. Cleaning these would necessitate the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles and not the cloth.

If the sterling silver jewelry has become tarnished, it is imperative that you make use of a specialized silver cleaner. You can get these in two forms - either as a paste or as a liquid. Should you want to make use of the paste form, you would have to scoop small amounts with the soft cloth and gently rub it on the sterling jewelry in straight lines to prevent scratching the piece. Allow the paste cleaner to dry on the piece before rubbing away the excess. To ensure it is completely clean, it is important that warm water be used to rinse the piece. However, ensure that the paste was completely dry before being rubbed off. As pertaining to the use of the liquid form, you only have to dip the silver jewelry in the solution then rinse it before drying it properly. This method is preferred because it produces results quickly.

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