Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry for Christmas

Each year, there are a lot of festivities at the Christmas period. It is at this time that people exchange various gifts that are opened on Boxing Day. Sterling silver jewelry is among the best gifts that one can offer during Christmas. Offering jewelry is an indication of emotion. Jewelry also shows the character of a person, personal accomplishment, life habits and psychological quality.

The kind of jewelry that is offered to different people varies greatly depending on the person and the relationship between the two. It is important to take time and choose the suitable jewelry. The age of the person who is going to receive the gift should be among the top considerations. People are in several age groups like adults, teenagers, children or babies.

The adults can either be young, old or middle aged. Each age group needs a type of jewelry that is special. The natural choice of jewelry for the old is that which is made of silver. This is the same for the middle-aged people. Although the young adults and teenagers like trying various types of fashionable jewelry, silver jewelry has not escaped their attention and it is something that one can comfortably send to someone special on Christmas Day.

When offering jewelry as a gift, it is vital to find the kind that is shiny and will maintain the original look for a long time. No one feels good if the jewelry tarnishes soon after it is worn. It is important to determine if the jewelry that is on sale is made of genuine silver. The law demands that metal should be marked by marker and metal quality. For sterling, this mark will be 925 (which means that is 92.5 percent silver which is the sterling) or “sterling" stamped in words.

The mark can be placed close to the clasp or at the chain’s end. The mark is also placed on a ring, hence it is better to check around. It is possible to tell whether jewelry is made of sterling silver by testing it. An acid test can be done by the jeweler. This means that the buyer has to pay extra cash for this service.

Although the test does not cost a lot of money some feel that it is not worth it. However this depends on the amount paid for the silver jewelry. The safest bet when buying silver jewelry as a Christmas gift is to shop at established stores. Such stores cannot risk losing their reputation by selling fake items.

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