Sunday, 6 September 2009

Why Clip Earrings?

If you're a typical woman, then you have a million things on your plate. There's work and relationships, family and kids, working out and leisure time (if you're lucky!). So it's hard to imagine making time for anything else. That's exactly how I felt after getting my ears pierced twice, only to find out that my body pretty much rejects pierced ears. They are just not meant to be. So after weeks and weeks of waiting for my ears to heal, religiously applying my antiseptic cleanser and still getting an infection, I've given up on pierced ears. I've made the transition back to clip on earrings, and I've never been happier.

I used to think that it was a necessity to have pierced ears in order to wear the latest and greatest earring styles. After going through my ordeal, I realize I was grossly wrong. Thankfully, many top designers and major retailers have responded to the demand for more fashion forward clip on earrings, resulting in more choices for me in during in-store and online shopping trips.clip on earringsIn speaking with my doctor about the benefits of clip earrings vs. pierced, I came to find out that clip earrings are less damaging to your earlobes. This might not be the case for every woman, but I prefer to wear some styles that are heavier and more ornate than others. In this case, clip on earrings don't weigh down your ear. Instead, they stay attached by gently hugging your lobe. Some styles have a padded back, whereas others offer adjustable screw backs. Such is the case for some antique style clip on earrings which I inherited from my great grandmother. Now that vintage is back in style, I'm happily sporting these designs on various occasions.

Additionally, I'm happy that I could finally get rid of my collection of one off earrings (from all of the pierced earring backs and loose ones that I had lost). With clip on earrings, it's easy to keep track of my accessories, especially when traveling or running from one event to another.

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