Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Socially Responsible: Fashionably Fabulous

If you have seen the film “Blood Diamond,” you will know that diamonds have a history of causing both social and environmental damages. While the diamond industry has remained secretive, many consumers are now aware of the social and environmental impacts diamonds can have due to films and the internet. The diamond market is a monopoly as it is controlled by one major company with very few competitors. This company controls the availability of diamonds to the public and therefore the price. The company has the ability to make diamonds appear rare and special. Commercials and society only perpetuate and regurgitate this idea. Diamond jewelry sets sell for way over their actual worth. Here is a Cubic Zirconia Jewelry set that looks extremely similar to a diamond jewelry set that would be very expensive and possibly very detrimental in several ways.

jewelry sets
Cubic Zirconia jewelry is just as beautiful, but does not hold the same connotations as diamonds in society because they do not have the reputation of being rare or special. However, savvy consumers know that jewelry is more than showing off. CZ jewelry is affordable and socially responsible as it does not have any of the same impacts that diamonds can have socially and environmentally. Jewelry should represent something more than just status and wealth. Jewelry is often bought to mark or celebrate a special event like a graduation, marriage, a wedding anniversary, or Christmas. Giving jewelry should be more of a symbol of love and affection than a status symbol. Fortunately more and more consumers are looking for companies that allow them to reflect their interests and social responsibility. More consumers are looking towards homemade jewelry, recycled jewelry, and fair trade jewelry. These options have many beautiful styles that will have you feeling great not only about how you look, but also about your socially responsible choices.

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