Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Different Types of Clip on Earrings

Just with any type of accessory, there are many different styles and settings from which to choose. Clip earrings are no different. In fact, they offer just as much variety as their pierced counterparts. Clip on earrings are a great alternative for women who may not want to go through with a painful piercing, or who may have religious or personal beliefs that prevent them from doing so. Therefore, clip earrings make the perfect accessory.
Clip on earringsModern clip on earrings use a style that gently hugs the earring to the ear with the use of a small hinge. These earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear, especially for women who prefer heavier clip earrings styles and designs. They work well for hoop, chandeliers, drop earrings and just about any other style.

Vintage clip earrings typically have a screw back that is adjustable through the use of a small clamp. This is beneficial, as you can make the clip earrings as tight or as loose as you'd like with just the right amount of pressure.

Clip earrings are great for the woman on the go, as there are fewer small pieces to worry about. Instead, you have the earrings and the backs as an all-in-one accessory. If you’ve had issues with pierced ears or you’re scared of needles, clip earrings make the perfect alternatives. They are easy to wear and appropriate for women of any age.

In the past, the selections and styles of clip on earrings have been somewhat limited, but today, all that’s changed, as the demand for clip earrings has experienced a recent boost. Women are re-considering these earrings as a fashionable accessory. Your best bet is to look online for deals. You can also find styles that are up to date and ones that rival celeb inspired looks.

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