Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bargain Hunting for Bracelets

clip on earrings
When most people think of jewellery shopping, lavish and extravagant purchases come to mind like diamond tennis bracelets or even a classic gold number. However, buying a bracelet does not have to be a purchase that puts a huge dent in your budget. It does not have to be an experience that leaves you with guilty and remorse at having spent way too much money. Bargain hunting is a must this season. Matching old with new and high end items with basement finds is the trend to follow.
There are many cheaper alternatives in the market that can leave you looking just as spectacular. Instead of spending a bomb on genuine diamond or precious stone pieces that you are unlikely to wear very often, a smarter and cheaper option is to buy on made out of crystals like cubic zirconium. These offer the same lustre and sheen but at a fraction of the cost, this gives you the leeway to buy more than one.

Another bargain trend that has caught on among the fashion darlings is plastic and wooden hand accessories. These take the form of clip on earrings, bracelets and wrist bands. They are easily available and very cheap. One can also find them in a variety of designs and colours to suit every taste and style. These cheaper accessories give you greater freedom of choice, allowing you to mix and match the various styles. For example, you could pair up a set of dirt cheap bracelets with a more pricey bracelet or wristband, the contrast is both interesting to the eye and very fashionable.braceletsWith a skilled eye and some careful purchases you can build up a great collection of accessories that can be worn with a whole slew of outfits to any and every occasion. So don’t be afraid to go out and dig around in the bargain bins or even craft stores, you never know what fashionable knick knack you might find. Experiment a little, mix high end pieces with your bargain finds and in no time you are going to the icon people in the office or around town look to when they want to see what is in style.

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