Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Coming of Age Accessory

Jewellery is often a gift saved for the most special of occasions, to mark milestones in life, celebrate remarkable achievements or commemorate important occasions. Parents often want to give their child something beautiful that will not only be treasured for time to come, but also something that they will like and make use of. It is thus the gift of choice for a sweet sixteen, a newly eighteen year old, a graduation present or something to mark a new beginning at college.

Buying gifts for your teenage girl is notoriously difficult especially when it comes to jeweller items. What may seem like an elegant and tasteful pair of diamond earrings to you might not necessarily be in style given the fast changing trends of fashion today. That exquisite pearl necklace is likely to come across as mature and standoffish from your teenager’s point of view.

In interesting alternative to the more traditional jewellery gift items, would be a Bracelets. Simple gold, silver or platinum Bracelets are remarkably versatile accessory that can be incorporated into a number of different looks, spanning different fashion styles from preppy to punk. Simple Bracelets can have an astounding number of possible uses. Worn on its own it can complement an evening gown or even a conservative suit worn to a college interview or an important presentation. It can also be worked into everyday wear no matter what the young lady’s prevailing sense of style is. For those that love accessories, the Bracelets can be layered with other hot pieces of the season like chunky wooden bangles, kooky rings or even leather arm bands for girls with a more rock bent.braceletsIt is this versatility that makes it a most appropriate coming of age gift. Your teenage daughter will be able to have an exquisite reminder of how much she is treasured in the form of simple Bracelets that transcend trends and styles. The effortless charm that simple Bracelets exude makes it the jewellery gift that is most likely to be not only worn regularly but treasured deeply.

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