Thursday, 25 March 2010

Beguiling magnificence and charm of bracelets

Since the dawn of time, jewelleries have always enhanced the beauty of the wearer. Regardless of what type of jewellery you wear, you will always add an extra charm to your personality. No matter what type of material has been used for these jewelleries, they have always ornamented the loveliness of a civilization hence wearing a piece of jewellery has become the need of the hour. And when it comes to Bracelets, the splendour of beauty intensifies. These trinkets are a must have and it seems as if jewel family is not complete without having at least one. This term originates from the Latin word known as “brachial” which states the meaning “of the arm”. It is very common to find one wearing these trinkets and it has become an inseparable part of jewelleries.

Around the world

This piece of jewellery is found all around the world. No matter which civilization you speak about all are possessed with some or the other historical relevance with these Bracelets. Every civilization was possessed with these bands and they had their own name designated to them. Such as the ancient Egypt civilization has historical significance to Scarab trinkets.bracelets

These jewels represented rebirth and hence they were carved and placed with the dead bodies of the pharaohs under their linen bandages. In the same way Latin America also has some relevance to this jewellery and the recognised them in the name of a symbol which signifies protection. In ancient times, this band was made of gold and studded with red or black coral in the charm. This used to protect the recipient form evil eye and hence saved him from any bad vibe.braceletsFads and trend

There are various styles and categories in which one can find these astounding jewelleries. One of such styles is tennis trinket. Now you may get confused with the fact that what does jewellery has to do with sports. This has relevance with the tennis star Evert who stopped by a match to wear her diamond band in her writs and since then tennis Bracelets have become popular among all the tennis stars. Apart from this there are friendship trinkets which are very popular and a must gift on the friendship day. They are made of macramé and it is a trend to craft one’s won design with these bands. Then you can also have charm trinkets which are used to bring good luck and at the same time enjoy with bead bands in your wrist.

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