Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My New Best Friends are my Clip on Earrings

Some people befriend new people around school. Others enjoy making friends by beings part of local clubs and organizations on campus. I actually made new friends the moment I purchased my clip on earrings. I can safely say that my clip on earrings is my new best friends.clip on earringsNot only are they my best friends, but they attract other friends for me to meet. They are a great conversation piece and seem to compliment my face structure, so I can’t complain. Whether I’m going to church or going to the mall, I always have a set of clip earrings to match my outfit. I must admit, it’s great how versatile they are and how easy it can be to change styles on the go. Even when I’m late, which I often am, I can go from one dress to another, and if the clip earrings don’t match, taking them off is just a “clip” away. On top of their ease of use, my style of clip earrings seems to be a big hit with the guys, especially in the nightclub scene.clip earringsIt almost seems as if my earrings make me stick out like a sore thumb, and I’m not necessarily complaining. I’ve notice that the more I accessorize, the more attention I receive from people, male or female. Wearing clip on earrings has definitely increased the number of people I actually speak with in one night, if that makes any sense. I especially enjoy the new friendships and connections I have made because of me opening up to new people and accepting the new attention I receive when I go out. Who would have thought wearing clip earrings could “change” your life? And the wonderful thing is that you don’t even need to get your ears pierced to enjoy wearing clip on earrings. Just snap them on and you are essentially ready to make new friends.

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