Monday, 21 February 2011

An Overview of the Windows Phone HTC HD 7 Pro

After the introduction of the Windows Phone HTC HD 7 in the market, Microsoft went ahead to introduce a modified version of it. The HTC HD 7 pro also utilizes the Windows Phone 7 operating system and it has got a flexible start screen that can be utilized to suit an individuals needs. The phone is fitted with the people hub that allows interaction through the social networks such as face Book and Windows Live. The phone has got an inbuilt five mega pixel camera that produces very high quality photos. Video recording is also at a very high level and other features including the Bing Map can be utilized for direction.

The device is fitted with the picture hub that show cases the photos that have been take using the inbuilt five mega pixel camera. This handset goes further to allow the sharing of photos with friend in Face book, Windows Live and Shy drive which are social network sites. The phone also allows the user to share the videos with friends in the mentioned social networks. The phone is fitted with the video and music hubs that allows the user to download information with the aid of the inbuilt Zune software. This hub will also access the user to listen to live radio and the phone has got SRS sound enhancement that ensures the quality of the sound is at its best. One can also utilize the wireless headphones using the Bluetooth technology or decide to go for the older model of headphones that utilize the 3.5mm connector of the jack.

This phone has got a screen dimension of 3.6 inches that makes it portable. The fully loaded QWERTY keyboard makes it very easy for one to navigate up and down the phone. Typing can be done very fast and the touch screen also assists in the fast navigation process. The Windows Phone HTC HD 7 Pro is fitted with a GPS antenna which is utilized to provide Bing Maps that are used for directions. This phone also has a provision of the game lovers as they can enjoy Xbox Live games. The phone also comes with an inbuilt memory of 8GB. This Windows Phone 7 is worth the buy.

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