Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pearl Earrings – A Good Choice for All

Women are generally known to be fascinated about jewelry, and the kind of jewelry a woman wears can in a way reflects her social status. Earrings are one type of jewelry that is popular among women all over the world. Many women start to wear ear pendants from a very young age since the earlier a woman got her earlobe pierced, the less pain she endures. Therefore in her life time, a woman can be in possession of tens and even hundreds of earrings.

When you go to jewelry counters or shops to buy new pairs of ear pendant, you would usually find it difficult to make a decision because there are way too many beautiful ear pendants with different colors and shapes. In such cases, a pair of earrings made of pearl would always make a nice choice and you will never regret buying them, for which the following reasons may account.

First, as a rare and precious material, pearl has a lustrous quality that is irresistible to all women. It is soft, smooth and shining and it has a magical and mythological air about it. Even with the simplest design, e.g. a round shape, a pearl earring can appear elegant and noble and hence can make the wearer look more eye-dazzling and graceful.

Second, it goes well with almost all types of jewelry. Pure and luminous, pearl can serve both as the foil for jewelry with stronger colors and bolder shapes, e.g. a ruby necklace, a sapphire ring, a jade bracelet, etc., and the main piece of jewelry the wearer wants to foreground. This excellent matching ability is unmatchable by ear pendants made of any other material such as cubic zirconia.

Third, it is very easy to keep pearl earrings in good repair. You do not have to clean them with any special chemical agent; what you need to do is only wipe them softly with clean tissue paper or cloth on a regular basis, which will help preserve the luster of the pendants for decades. For their excellent cost performance, it can be concluded that it is extremely worthwhile to buy them.

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