Friday, 4 February 2011

Beauty of Engagement Rings

Einstein was not wrong when he said that gravity was not the reason for people falling in love. It was the care and affection between the two individuals. This care and affection is best illustrated by and engagement rings. Although the dictionary defines this ring as a sign for others to know that the person wearing it is engaged. But for true lovers the concept cannot be summed up into a definition. It is an ocean of care, affection and harmony.

This is not the current world that only used this ring as a symbol of love; it has been esteemed ever since the Romans ruled Europe. Officially, Vienna has the privilege to host a wedding with an engagement ring. The beauty of engagement rings is enhanced by the precious metals, jewels and gems that are placed in the ring. This beauty is also affected by the shape of the jewel or the gem. The design also plays a vital role in the overall beauty of the ring. The styles of engagement rings are versatile ranging from Solitaire Diamond to Trinity rings. Engagement rings also come with gems such as diamond at the side of the basic design.

One of the best example to signify these rings is the engagement of Prince Williams of Wales and Kate Middleton. They beautiful lady from Berkshire fell in love with the Prince at University of St. Andrews. The couple then engaged in October 2010. The best thing about this engagement was the ring associated with it. Dianna’s popular ring has been given to Kate Middleton on the auspicious occasion of the engagement. Kate Middleton engagement ring has indeed added a lot to the existence of engagement rings. The Kate Middleton ring has indeed been the hype in previous months.

The concept of beauty in these rings extends to promise rings as well. The couple desirous of engagement may wear pre engagement rings also called promise rings. The couple may or may not wear both of the rings after marriage but wearing engagement ring is must. Though there is a lot of difference in the rings of men and women, but the beauty of these rings remains the same.

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