Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Celebrity inspired jewelry

Jewelry of favorite stars has tremendous influence on market trends. Designers produce cheaper creations carrying the inspired features of stars’ jewelry. Instead of platinum and diamonds, it is fabricated from sterling silver and stones or cubic zirconia, but it brings you elegance and fame due to association with celebrities.

Fans love the jewelry of celebrities, which is normally astronomical in price, so demands for cheaper versions are raised all over the world. The results are sterling silver creations instead of gold or titanium and stones or synthetic gemstones in place of diamond. The celebrity inspired jewelry could include rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and bands. Engagement ring of Jessica Simpson was flooded into the markets by celebrity designers with affordable prices. Similarly, inspired features of Oprah Winfrey’s real diamonds of earrings were transformed into a round white cubic zirconia stud and a pear-shaped cubic zirconia dangling gemstone. TV programs, fashion shows and fashion magazines are the best sources to explore the inspired features from celebrities’ jewelry.

Kate Middleton ring is one of the most popular engagement rings on the market today. Women are greatly excited to this design. If you’re fan of Kate’s ring, you can easily find a similar affordable piece of synthetic gemstones and sterling silver. Always remember that engagement ring should reflect your love, not cost. So be choosy about such rings and always pay attention to popular designs like that of Kate.

Pearl has always been a part of fashion. Available in many colors, white, black, peach, pink and golden, it is used in a variety of jewelry items, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Pearls are natural gems, have different sizes and origins, and all create an enticing look to the wearer. Pearl earrings are unique in their style creating a gorgeous appearance. They have different designs like stud, threaded, drop and chandelier etc. with a vast variety of hangers. While purchasing, make best combination of style, current fashion, pearl size, dangling length and quality of materials with your skin color, personality, dress and other jewelry. Purchase can be made from local jewelers or online websites.

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