Monday, 4 July 2011

Silver Jewelry Earrings

Earrings are a type of jewelry that is very common to all females. Comparing to other types of jewelries such as rings, bracelets, or necklace, the earring is the ever first jewelry that could be worn by a female. Isn’t it that most female babies have their ears pierced, and at first a string or a thread is inserted on the pierced section of their ears, well, that string or thread can be actually noted for as an earring? An earring can be of any form as long as it is inserted on the pierced section of the ears, commonly on the ear lobes. From what was mentioned, it started as a string or a thread. In other countries, wood are what was and what is still used as a material for their earrings even.

The most common earring jewelries are gold jewelry earrings and sterling silver earrings. Gold earrings were dated back from the early centuries. Unlike from our society nowadays, earrings are commonly worn by females, but before then even males are used in wearing earrings as well. In the late 1960s, men are mostly seen wearing earrings; it is actually the age of hippies. But stepping back many centuries ago, in the time of Moses, it is very common for men also to wear gold earrings. One scenario proving this is when Aaron were asked by the Israelites to make them a golden god, and so Aaron asked them, daughters and sons to bring their gold earrings as well. Pharaohs were also recorded wearing earrings as well.

Nowadays, the uses of golden jewelries were slowly being replaced by the use of silver jewelries. For a number of good reasons such as the price, a single gold jewelry can be the price of more than two or three pairs of a silver jewelry. Next is the color, the natural color of silver can be easily matched just by any color of clothes or garments? Silver jewelries can be also worn just to any occasion, whether it may be a casual gathering, to everyday work, and to formal gatherings, silver jewelries can be easily paired just about to any style of clothes and getup.

Though silver comes very cheap in compare to gold, the elegance and glitter of a fine jewelry is still there. That is why it is most common to see people wearing silver rings bracelets, or necklace than gold ones.

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