Monday, 18 July 2011

All that glitters could be silver

The craze for silver jewelry is always there internationally among a whole lot of communities around the world. The pureness of silver in a jewel to the maximum possible proportions adds on to the beauty, luster and brightness of the product. When it comes to silver jewels, the most important aspect is the maintenance part of it.

One has to always bear in mind about this very important fact that the silver jewels tend to react with the atmosphere quite easily when compared to the gold and diamond. It is this quality of the silver, which makes it inferior to gold. Still ornaments, which are made out of silver, are of a wide range. It is because of the enormous amount of flexibility possible in manufacturing silver commodities of intricate design and elegance. Not all those complicated designs that are made with the silver can be made out of the gold as well. It is because of the tensile strength variation between the two metals.

The reaction with the atmospheric gases, dirt and dust makes the metal to lose its luster in due course of time. One can find the silver rings to slowly diminish in their color, brightness and attractive looks. The silver necklaces gradually tend to become darker and one cannot say that it is a precious commodity any more. Still even under such worst conditions, the silver jewels could be polished to regain back the original luster and shine.

Usually polishing is done with some additional amount of fresh silver so that the component weight will be maintained as its original. Chemical reactions that take place in the surface of the silver metal over the years make it to lose some weight. Moreover before polishing certain process like washing in acid and brushing are carried out. All these involve removal of the outer layer of the metal to a certain extent. Hence, in order to compensate for this lost weight, it is customary to buy and give the smith some more new silver.

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