Monday, 11 July 2011

Sterling Silver Jewelry and the people who love

Jewelries are famous as a woman’s design. But not only girls wear sterling silver jewelry, guys as well. Nowadays, individuals wear jewelries as a part of their daily lifestyle. Some individuals wear jewelries because they already have been accustomed in wearing them, some wear jewelries as a part or as an added attraction or an extension of their costume. In the past, jewelries are worn meticulously, and not just a plain ornament as many individuals treat them nowadays.

Jewelries are made in a different fashion from one another. Not only by sizes, look and shapes they carry, but mainly by the ore that was used in making them. Metals and stones are what really made up jewelry, but in such cases some other materials are attached to it, such as threads, beads, and other sorts of ornaments. Precious gems and stones are often use in jewelries like silver and gold. Both of these precious ores are measured by a certain kind of unit. Wherein gold, carat signifies its uniqueness, and in diamonds carat is use for its heaviness. The carat unit of the material also gives its logical amount, the higher the carat the more expensive the jewel is. And gold and diamonds are quite pricey materials for jewelries, which is why not all individuals can afford jewelries with gold and other precious metals. And also, that is why the use of another precious but far cheaper ore has been introduced, and that is that of silver.

Jewelries are not really made up of pure silver, for pure silver is 99.9 percent and it would be too soft to make it as an ornament. That is why from the Easter ling area of Germany, silver handlers the individuals who craft various kinds of jewelry, added some mixture of certain metal like copper, zinc, or platinum on a 92 percent silver, thus making a special mixture making it a silver necklace or a silver ring.

Sterling silvers are more popular today as an everyday jewelry than can be worn in many different days, and very affordable to many individuals because of its far cheaper price compare to other types of jewelry. Sterling silver jewelries also can match almost many combination of outfit because of its unique design, unlike the sight of gold which offers fewer color combination for clothing. Silvers are not only use in jewelries but also for silver designs as well. In fact, sterling silver is particularly used for table utensils during the first century.

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