Friday, 7 January 2011

Selena Gomez's Dream Out Loud Clothing

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I’m about to head off on an adventure I would have never imagined or dreamed of, I’m beginning to do some research on how to survive this cold and chilly climate.

Let’s face it. Alaska in the middle of winter can’t get much worse for a southern California girl who is used to sparkling and sunny 80-degree weather in December.

If you want to survive the cold (and I’m talking below zero highs), you must wear layers; not bulky layers but multiple thin layers. Thank goodness layering has not gone out of style, because of course that fashionista side of me will always find a way to look good AND stay warm.

When dressing for sub-zero temperatures, opt for more layers on top and less on bottom to better flatter your figure. Too many bulky layers will make you look like you added on the holiday pounds…without getting to enjoy the cookies, treats and eggnog. Not cool. There are many options for sleek, thin layers that are meant to keep you warm in cooler temps.

Shopping for winter clothing can get pricey though, especially if it’s a one-time trip and you don’t deal with these cold temperatures regularly. Either way, the right coat will make a huge difference – your coat should be high quality, warm and fit well. Price shouldn’t matter when buying your winter coats anyway…you’ll be hating yourself for skimping on the price if you’re freezing out there!

And last but definitely not least: protect your head, ears, face and neck! Luckily, headwear these days are super cute and fashionable. Plus, you can find great hats, beanies, headbands, earmuffs and scarves just about anywhere.

Now that you won’t be wearing as much jewelry because your layers will be covering them, think of your headwear and scarves as your winter accessories! Be creative and have fun with your colors and prints – it will help you get through that cold weather easier while still looking good!

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