Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cubic Zirconia Necklaces

If you are going to wear a special costume for a special party or an auspicious day, give some more time to the selection of jewelry to make the outfits and jewelry perfect to each other. There are many pieces of jewelry a woman has to select but the most important are the Necklaces and earrings. The necklaces are made up of many materials like gold, diamond, platinum and pearls. But the trendiest are those made up of cubic zirconia. Although it is an imitation of the diamond but its shine and glare makes it much more than that. In this article we are going to discuss the advantages of CZ jewelry.
The first and foremost advantage of using the CZ jewelry is that it is cost effective and economical. The price of this jewelry is ten times less than that of diamond. it makes the CZ jewelry a darling of every woman.

The second advantage of CZ jewelry is its perfect looks which are most similar to diamond. Even the expert jewelers are unable to differentiate between the diamond and the CZ only by seeing it. Jewelers have to use certain techniques to differentiate the two.
Diamond is the hardest material on the planet earth. It hardness is the key towards its resistance against the scratches and keeps it shiny all the time. The CZ is also very hard as compared to other materials which are used as the imitators of the diamond jewelry.
Diamond is a colorless substance and same is the CZ but it can be easily coated with synthetic colors. Thus it looks more beautiful and shining with different colors.

CZ is a very tough material and is resistant to breakage just like diamond. When it comes to weight, the CZ is heavier than diamond to some extent. Different layers are so adjusted in the crystal that they disperse the light very well and cause the material to glitter and glow when exposed to light. Diamond gives only blue fluorescence but cubic zirconia gives different color fluorescence in the ultraviolet light. As far as the size of the CZ is concerned it is almost of the same size as a one carat diamond. All these advantages make it fit to use as an alternate to the diamond jewelry.

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