Friday, 28 January 2011

Eternity Band as the Ultimate Choice to Show Affection

The eternity rings are the rings completely circling the ring and used to symbolize the love to someone that is indicated by the circular gems embedded in the ring. These rings and eternity bands are a unique wedding gift too. The history behind these bands and rings is very old. It is considered that the ancient Egyptians were the first who manufactured and used these rings and bands having embedded stones. These rings were initially made of metal bands and the stones were placed in an order around the ring. These types of rings were attributed to the Egyptians and they believed that these rings indicate the eternal love that lasts life long. The latest and modern eternity bands are very different from the traditional bands. These are available in different varieties e.g. diamond decorated bands, cubic zirconia based bands, gold bands and silver bands.

It has been noticed that the diamond engagement rings and eternity rings have become one of the top selling items of jewelry. These bands can be gifted to the loved ones on the anniversary or birthday to be a symbol of commitment and everlasting love. You will ask about the myth of eternity band that what things make it eternity band, the answer is that the band or ring that is covered all around with diamonds or precious gemstones make it eternity band. The gems or stones are placed such that they make a perfect circle around the band or ring. Rounded shaped diamonds are mostly used for these bands but the colored and exotic stones can also be employed in this regard. The one of the greatest birthday gifts are the birthstone bands. You can make your own eternity band by selecting different gems to make it more attractive or gift it to some one which you love the most.

The metal used in eternity bands usually gold or silver but the new and trendy metal cubic zirconia can be used in place to make the band look more attractive and charming. It depends on your budget that how much you can afford to gift an eternity band to your dears.

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