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Lacoste Videoes Reviews

Almost all designer goods (handbags, shoes, apparel, etc.) pass through many levels before it reaches the store shelf. In most cases it goes from the producer through 2-5 levels of "jobbers", then to a distributor, then the retail store, and then to you. By this time the price has increased drastically (mainly at your expense).

At Lacoste Outlet we cut out many of the intermediate levels, introduce you to the jobbers who are closely related to the distributor, and you save! You do not have to buy in bulk. You do not have to have a wholesale license. You will not have to pay retail ever again.

Unlike fraudulent companies that give you some strange outdated list of who to call... We give you our suppliers actual current stock list and order form, in most cases online (as well as customer service info)! Many of our suppliers also now have online ordering systems now in place. We have been in business for over 7 years and have the most sources, jobbers, suppliers, and wholesalers for luxury designer handbags, accessories, shoes, clothes and appear..
In 1933, tennis player Rene Lacoste teamed up with one of France’s largest knitting manufacturers to produce the first ever Lacoste polo shirt. The shirt immediately transformed sportswear and fashion alike. Gone were the long sleeved, woven and starched shirts of past sporting matches. In its place the light knitted Lacoste polo shirt with its signature alligator logo visibly on the front. Making a designer logo visible is something the brand claims they were the first to ever do.

Lacoste continued to go from strength to strength, with the introduction of their collection for children in 1959. With so many sportsmen in their family, Catherine Lacoste (daughter of Rene) won numerous golfing tournaments, again throwing the Lacoste brand into the limelight and launching the brand across a broad number of sporting events. Lacoste soon became favoured sporting attire across the globe for golfing and tennis games.

By the late Nineties the Lacoste empire had taken over. With a full range of fragrances and toiletries on offer, Lacoste’s fragrances had become bestsellers, surpassing the fame of many traditional perfume labels. Lending the Lacoste name to a wide range of accessories, as well as having two runway shows a year sealed Lacoste’s worldwide fashion status.

Having celebrated over 75 years in the business, nowadays Lacoste is finding new ways to share its wealth by supporting the Global Environmental Fund. Lacoste work with the Global Environmental Fund to ensure the protection of the natural habitats of alligators. The animals hold a special place for Rene Lacoste, who was nicknamed ‘The Alligator’ during his tennis playing days. This is the reason why an alligator is part of the infamous Lacoste logo.

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