Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Engagement Rings are an Eternal Gift to Show Love

The engagement rings can be seen in the finger of engaged women that are gifted by the men who want to marry them. These engagement rings are considered to be the promise rings that both are agreed to marry. Mostly these rings are offered by the men to their girl friends but now a day, the trend of offering engagement ring by the woman to the man is becoming popular in the U.S. whereas this trend is already common in other parts of the world like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. However, the men have to present another ring to the women at the time of wedding known as wedding ring these are also called the eternity rings. The most popular of the engagement rings is the diamond ring. Sterling silver rings are also popular in this trend. The men wearing two rings are a rare thing though.

History of the Engagement Rings:
The origin of the engagement ring dates back to the Pope Innocent III. In the year of 1215 the pope made it mandatory that there is should be some waiting period before wedding and the rings should be gifted to the women by the men as promise ring. With the passage of time, this trend flourished across many parts of the world and now we can see that almost every person is aware of the engagement ring and it is adopted by every culture.

Fourth Finger of the Left Hand:
It is seen that the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This thing also has a unique history because it was believed that this finger hosts the vein of love and hence the ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand to make the love bond stronger.

Failed Engagements:
It has been seen that sometimes the engagements do not last long and failed. In this case the ring can be returned by the lady or she may keep it. Usually, if the failure is from man’s side, the lady has the full option to return or keep the ruing. The rings are eternity rings and are gifted to show deep love and affection. Usually, it is returned if the engagements are not successful.

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