Monday, 5 September 2011

How to Make Silver Jewelry

The way of making silver jewelry is considered to be a work of art for it takes time and creativity before one can make a unique and stylish design for it. It may seem hard for everyone but if you will just see and learn the art of making these fine jewelries, you can see that it is just simple as you ever imagine.

Silver jewelries are considered to be among the finest piece of jewelry after gold. If you want to invest on jewelries but you don’t have that enough money to invest on gold, then you have a great option in choosing silver jewelries. Due to its increasing popularity these days, even a small investment in this kind of jewelry can turn into gold.

Now let’s take a look at how these pieces of jewelries are being made. Well you see, making silver jewelries is very simple. Whether you want to make a silver ring or a silver necklace, all of its procedure is simple and not that complicated.

When starting to make a silver jewelry, the first thing that everyone must have is all the materials needed. The materials needed for this includes the binding wire that will be used for handling the soldered silver pieces, different kinds of fliers for the bending, and shaping the silver pieces, files that will be used for cleaning the inner part of the silver pieces such as rings, a ball peen hammer use also for shaping the silver, jeweler’s saw for cutting excess silver, soldering torch, vise, charcoal, and insulated tweezers.

When all the materials are ready, then you can now start making your own piece of silver jewelry. Now the first thing that you have to do is to cut the silver into the necessary sizes that you want for your jewelry. If you want to make a ring, then you just have to cut a piece of silver that will fit in your finger. Cut also small pieces of silver for the decoration of your jewelry. Now once you have cut out all the pieces that you need; now it is time to shape them and attach them to make them whole. With the use of the fliers, shape them according to the shape that you want. Then, heat up the soldering torch and then carefully put all the pieces together. You may need to use the bending wire of the fliers in holding the silver so that you won’t burn your hands. When you’re all done, let it cool first. Now you have your own piece of silver jewelry.

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