Wednesday, 28 September 2011


cool tattooo
cool tattooothis tattoo is really really cool I like the flowery top and the rays of light behind it
Life is Gorgeous
Life is GorgeousYea... Life is gorgeous.. But his tattoo artist sucked :-P

scriptingsweet little script on arm, and a cool star below. I really like the way that looks, it's so cute and emo!
nicenice tattoo
another cool one
another cool oneThis chick has some really cool tattoos! I just posted another one of her, so check that out too
Heart Cut-Out
Heart Cut-OutThis is freaking awesome, the guy stole the idea for this from a Ron Dobi shirt though, but it's cool as hell none the less! Cut my heart out
Grenade with wings
Grenade with wingsWow... She has some nice.. Tattoo? Anyways, this grenade tattoo is freakin hardcore. The nade has angel wigs, and then there are roses on each side of the wings... Awesomeness
emo angel
emo angelthat's looks sexi on her
music riffs
music riffsmusic riffs accross her entire back
angel with wings
angel with wingsanother picture of the angel with wings
tht would b a sweet tattoo
tht would b a sweet tattoo
rest in peace kitty, u were the best friend i ever hand
rest in peace kitty, u were the best friend i ever hand
bam margera's tattoo
bam margera's tattoo
ChrisCHAOSlove the nose ring
mi tuttu!
mi tuttu!

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