Thursday, 12 November 2009

How to clean CZ jewelry

CZ jewelry is hailed as the best substitute for real diamond jewelry. The best characteristic of them is that it costs just a fraction of the real thing, but doubly outshines it. Like any other piece of jewelry, CZ jewelry too requires care. Careless storage and cleaning methods take away the luster and grandeur from the piece of jewelry whereas a little care and proper cleaning techniques can make sure that your CZ jewelry will remain like new for several years. Here are the proper steps to clean CZ jewelry to ensure a long life for it.

1)Always use soft cotton or flannel cloth to polish and clean CZ jewelry. Fabrics with rough surfaces will corrode the surface and reduce luster. Always clean in smooth and gentle straight motion gently rubbing off all dust and grease. Never make circular motions as it will cause dirt particles to damage the surface.

2)Use a cleaning agent specifically meant for cleaning jewelry. Use applicators like soft brushes to clean dust and grease from the nooks and crevices. Alternatively, warm water and mild soap can also be used.

3)Use ultrasonic electronic cleaners. These are electronic gadgets which are quite inexpensive and clean the jewelry perfectly using electricity, ultrasound and electrolytes. It is also a good idea to entrust a qualified jeweler or a professional with cleaning your jewelry.

4)Steam your CZ jewelry by holding it against the pout of a kettle with boiling water, or with any other steamer or source of steam. Hold your CZ jewelry in steam for a few minutes and then wipe clean thoroughly with a soft cotton or flannel cloth.

5)Store them in airtight containers with packets of moisture absorbing gel, away from the outside air and sunlight.

The above steps of cleaning will not only keep your jewelry shining like new, but also considerably increase their usable life.

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