Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cz Jewelry Trends:Vintage Rings

cz jewelry
Have you ever been rummaging through your mom or grandma’s jewelry box? Well, borrowing my mom’s jewelry is a hobby of mine. I love the jewelry she has inherited and accumulated throughout the years. Her collection of unique and vintage rings is what I covet the most. There is something about a vintage ring that is so elegant and unique. These days it seems as though women gravitate towards the same standard, and therefore sometimes quite boring, jewelry. With vintage and antique jewelry there is so much more variety and character in every single piece of jewelry. If you ever get a chance you should look through your relatives’ jewelry boxes. You never know what you might find in there. In addition, or if you don’t have the option of perusing your loved ones’ jewelry, then you should also check out rummage sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and pawn shops. Sometimes a gem is hiding among all the junk. This of course, is not always the case, but I have found quite a bit of vintage and antique jewelry tucked beneath a pile of boring and uninspiring jewelry.

If you can have the patience to weed through the other stuff, you could be lucky. If you do not have that patience, then you may have to go another route in getting your vintage jewelry. However, if you do not buy through a flee market, pawn shop, or garage sale, the price of your vintage piece may be considerably more. Luckily, vintage jewelry has been so popular recently that there are a lot of new rings and other kinds of jewelry that have simply been modeled after original vintage pieces. Naturally most people would want an original and authentic vintage ring, but this is not always possible considering price and other factors. If you are really a fan of the vintage/antique look, then I encourage you to look at vintage styled rings. Cubic zirconia jewelry offers a ton of options when it comes to vintage styled rings. The gems that were used in vintage jewelry were often real and very expensive. Now, we can get the same look with cz jewelry for a whole lot less. Cubic zirconia comes in so many different colors and jewelry

The best way to wear vintage jewelry is with a really modern outfit. If you wear vintage clothes with your vintage jewelry, you run the risk of your outfit looking too much like a costume. Try a pencil skirt and white ruffle blouse with your statement vintage ring. Really let it shine by downplaying your other jewelry and wearing neutrals. Of course there are many different ways to wear vintage rings, so you should really just experiment and see what you like best! Enjoy wearing unique jewelry from the past and making it relevant and hot today!

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