Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Celebrity Gold Bracelets

braceletsIf you thought gold was out, think again! While sterling silver has overtaken yellow gold in popularity for the past few years, gold is still very much in style and just as fabulous as ever. However, there are some keys to wearing gold jewelry and some tips to optimizing your look with gold accents. The great thing about gold is that it makes a stronger statement than silver with the way it contrasts against the clothes you are wearing. Silver is a lot more neutral than yellow gold and therefore sometimes has the tendency to fade into the background. Gold jewelry is usually right up there in the foreground making a scene.
Gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings look great with emeralds, blacks, and blues. Be careful when wearing gold on yellow. I almost never wear gold and yellow together because the combination is really hard to get right. Gold on yellow doesn’t provide a whole lot of contrast and usually ends up looking very cheap which is the opposite of what you want to accomplish. Try wearing prints with gold, but nothing too wild. A geometric print utilizing two colors looks really nice with gold. Try green and white prints or black and white prints with your gold jewelry. Gold also looks great with teal. Lately, even celebrities are donning gold jewelry from golden cuffs to golden hoops and golden cocktail rings.bracelets
One big No-no associated with wearing gold is mixing gold and silver. While this rule is true for the most part, there are some exceptions. I wouldn’t wear a sterling silver necklace and pair it with gold earrings. That wouldn’t make sense. However, there are ways around this rule. Take stacking bracelets. If you get gold wit the right coloring, it can look really great mixed with other metals like silver or bronze. Just make sure your layered look of mixed metals doesn’t look tacky. You cannot force this look. If you are not sure, just stick with one type of metal and don’t worry about mixing your gold jewelry with anything else.
Some people also tend to layer too much when they wear gold jewelry. You do not need 10 gold necklaces, gold hoops, gold rings, and an armful of gold bracelets. A healthy amount of layering is very trendy and in, but if you wear a bunch of bracelets, don’t overpower the look with a huge gold ring. The same goes for necklaces. If you layer a few gold necklaces, don’t wear huge gold chandelier earrings. Keep it simple and keep it classy and you won’t go wrong wearing gold jewelry this holiday season.

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