Thursday, 5 November 2009

CZ jewelry Trends: Runway Earrings

cz jewelry
If you take one look at the models hot off the runways of today’s hottest designers, you’ll know that huge, bold, and bodacious earrings are totally in right now. While the earrings hanging from the lobes of most models are highly exaggerated in length and width, they are still highly indicative of the current dos and don’ts. I never will believe that studs are out of fashion, because whatever the time or place, they will always be classic. If you want to veer away from the classic look, you can look for large chandelier type earrings. While hoop earrings can be large, they give a different effect, so unless you know how to wear huge hoop earrings, I would stay away from them all together. Some stars do wear large hoop earrings in a hip and modern way, but if they are worn wrong, they too can look ghetto and cheap—so be careful!

These fabulously huge earrings can be found made out of all sorts of metals and studded with all sorts of gems. However, at this size, real diamonds and jewels would cost a fortune just because of the sheer size of the accessory. But have no fear, cubic zirconia jewelry is here to save the day—yet again! Don’t worry about price. Just opt for the affordable cz jewelry option! Buy multiple pairs of bold earrings instead of just one!

The trick to wearing runway inspired jewelry is to make sure ycz jewelryour version is less exaggerated and over the top. Then it is important to pair the piece of jewelry, in this case earrings, with the appropriate outfit. Big bold earrings would go great with a solid colored summer dress or a solid flowy top. Huge chandelier earrings can look great with prints too, just make sure everything doesn’t get too busy. A busy print and too many accessories can take the attention away from you—when after all jewelry was made to draw a certain amount of attention. Tone down the busyness of your outfit. Keep your clothes simple and let the earrings do the work. The most important thing is to find a balance. You wouldn’t want to be wearing a completely drab outfit—just something that does not overshadow the jewelry piece you are trying to highlight. Look in the mirror. Try different combinations. Ask your friends for their opinion and see what you like best. Ultimately, you have to be comfortable with whatever you wear, so make sure you don’t go against your own instinct! You will not feel comfortable—and this uneasiness will show. If you feel great about how you look, your mood will change, your behavior will change, and even your posture may improve! Self confidence can go so far!

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