Sunday, 16 August 2009

Rocker Glam Bracelets

Every woman wants to play dress up once in a while. There's the need to feel a bit edgier, a bit punkier, and a little bit rock n'roll. For fall, designers have embraced this trend, offering some beautiful rock inspired bracelets that will elevate any classic look to one worthy of flashing bulbs and a big attention-grabbing entrance.

Just because you're not a performer, doesn't mean that you can't dress a little flashy once in a while. And by flashy, we mean adding a little sparkle and shine to your look. Rock and roll inspired bracelets are key to finishing off your look. For your best bet, add statement bracelets to tailored pieces or simple wardrobe standards like a plain white tee-shirt. Just like any bold piece, a little goes a long way. One great bracelet is all you need to pump up the volume.

Our favorite rock and roll inspired bracelets are in silver tone, which makes them easy on the eyes as well as on the pocketbook. Try a rocker charm bracelet in muted metal, or a multi-strand chain link bracelet that adds weight when needed. The key here is balancing out your look. If you're wearing a feminine fabric like chiffon, satin, sequins or lace, you can easily get away with heavier bracelets that keep the look modern.

Studded bracelets are also a big trend for fall. With varying widths of leather bands, you can easily alternate between thick and thin to create a unique look. Best of all, it's not just about black leather bracelets anymore. Designers have embraced color and are all about bracelets in rich hues like royal purple, ruby red and emerald green. Don't be wear these bracelets stacked on top of each other. It's this contrast that makes your look interesting and fashion-forward.

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