Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Most Popular Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces have long been a fashion staple. They are versatile enough to be worn with almost anything in your closet and there's been a flood of new designs and styles to keep every fashionista wanting more. From Michelle Obama's peace sign pendant necklace to Carrie Bradshaw's wishbone and horseshoe pendant from Sex and the City: The Movie, there's no shortage of beautiful baubles to add to your collection.

Sterling silver jewelry - pendant necklaces have taken over as higher priced gold options are passed over in favor of classic pieces that will go the distance. Personalized sterling silver pendants are still popular, with engravings of initials or inspirational messages getting the bulk of the business. Not only do these necklaces look great, they do a fantastic job of lifting your spirits and the moods of those whom you meet.

Traditional charms like hearts, starfish and teardrops are still selling, but lately, there's been an infatuation with Celtic themes, Fleur de Lis charms and Evil Eyes. It's no doubt due to movies like Twilight and fans like Jennifer Aniston that these styles are splashed all over the pages of major fashion magazines.

Long pendant necklaces are also big on the style circuit, influenced in part by the surge of boho chic hippie stylistas like Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton that have been seen rocking the trend. It's all about layering these necklaces and mixing and matching various lengths to create unique statements of personality.

Large pendant necklaces are still on the radar with earthly elements like stone, shells and wood playing a big part of the organic look. Now's definitely the time to rock those large pendants that you've had stored away in the back of your jewelry box. With ethnic jewelry and costume jewelry back in a big way, get your mileage out of these pieces while you can.

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