Sunday, 30 August 2009

How to Flatter Your Body Type with Jewelry

There's probably been a million different articles written on how to wear clothes that will make you appear slimmer and leaner, taller and trimmer. However, accessories often get overlooked, when really, there's a lot they can do to help a woman focus attention on certain parts of the body where they will most flatter her. Statement necklaces are fantastic at bringing the eye upward and away from trouble spots like a tummy, wide hips or chubby thighs. In fact some statement necklaces are so noticeable that the rest of the ensemble is considered secondary. If you've ever considered building an outfit around one piece of jewelry, then now is the time to start. Statement necklaces create a solid foundation from which you can base a look for either day or night.Statement jewelryIf you're pear shaped, try a gold geometric necklace with edgy shapes that will create a look of balance. Pair this type of necklace with an outfit in a bold jewel toned color like emerald green or royal purple. For example, try a short sleeve silk blouse, a pair of khaki pants and a geometric necklace for your next work meeting. The overall result will be one that is modern and a bit unexpected.

If you're apple shaped, try a show-stopping choker necklace in a bold hue like navy blue or magenta pink. Wear them with a patterned top and jeans for a casual chic look or try them with a belted shift dress. All eyes will be on your necklace, while a cinched waist means that your slimmest assets are being played up to a tee.

If you're boy shaped, try adding statement necklaces to your looks to achieve a more filled out top. These pieces add volume in all the right places and keep you looking tastefully classy.

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