Sunday, 2 August 2009

CZ Jewelry Fit for a Queen

One of the hot trends we've noticed gracing the pages of major fashion magazines this month is extravagant jewelry, opulent gemstones and regal pieces that are fit for a queen. While some of these items would clearly break the bank, that doesn't mean that you can't steal the style with just-as-fabulous looking pieces via CZ jewelry.

Sure, CZ jewelry has always been a hit for special occasions such as weddings and proms, but now it's more fashionable to wear on a regular basis. With celebs sporting the trend during the day and sporting sparkle with jeans, it's perfectly acceptable to glam it up a little and put your best foot forward.
CZ Earrings
Trish's CZ Pink Sapphire and CZ Amethyst Double Pear Drop Earrings

CZ jewelry is of exceptional quality and clarity, with colorless stones that are the closet rival to a diamond. In addition, you can get CZ jewelry in any color from jewel-toned to neon to pastel. These pieces are meant to be worn with confidence and a smile, as they will surely get you noticed. Just try a simple tank top and jeans, then try the same outfit with the addition of layered CZ bracelets or statement rhinestone pin. It has a totally different look and feel. CZ jewelry is a great way to play up pieces that you already own and it's more versatile than you think.
CZ Cocktail ring
Baby Beluga's CZ Whale Cocktail Rings(CZ rings)

If you've ever seen a favorite Hollywood or Bollywood actress strut her stuff on the red carpet, and you've coveted her fabulous jewels, now's your opportunity to own something similar. Look for CZ jewelry that imitates celeb jewelry. For example, if you loved Angelina Jolie's multi-carat Emerald earrings and cocktail ring, look around for the replicas in CZ. With a style as popular as hers, there are many options available.

So don't fret if you don't have the moola to update your whole wardrobe; simply add a couple pieces of CZ jewelry for a rich looking outfit that will turn heads.

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