Monday, 16 May 2011

Silver Jewelries for your Significant Other

If you are having a hard time thinking of an idea on what present you will give to someone. Here is an idea that you will not regret.

Gold accessories, necklace, bracelets, and earrings, why buy these luxurious things when you can settle for a cheaper yet elegant looking accessory. Silver jewelries decorated with precious stones, like diamonds, sapphires and pearls is what I am telling you. Yes, perhaps it will immediately give you a thought of high-cost and high maintenance items. But no, you are definitely wrong. Silver jewelry is not as expensive as what you think. There is a variety of silver jewelry that you can afford.

Silver jewelries are the best idea that one could give as a gift. It will not only show elegance but would also depict different meanings depending on the designs of the jewelry you have chosen to give as a present.

If you would choose sterling silver jewelry to your significant other, specifically to your boyfriend or husband, an engravable dog tag or engravable ID bracelet is best. With this item, you could personalize your gift with both your names, his name only, or a short message you want to tell him. Through this, you are putting words in an item that represents your relationship which you believe it will last for a lifetime. Prices of these items may range from 15$ to 30$.

However, if you are a guy, a ring is best for your girlfriend because it represents special bond between the both of you. But do not plan of an over sumptuous gift like the cadence prince cut ring. It will really cost you a lot. A simple decorated ring would be enough to make your girlfriend smile and probably say I do. Most women do not want over ornamented items. Fancy rings embellished with little gem stones could be one gift that your girlfriend will admire.

If you think your girlfriend does not want a ring, try a brooch or silver locket. There are a variety of brooch designs that could perfectly fit your girlfriend’s personality and taste. There are brooch designed with flowers, animals, and even abstract designs. So if your girlfriend is fond of butterflies just what most women want, why not buy her a butterfly patterned brooch. Conversely, if you want a silver locket as a gift, it will be best if you put your best couple picture in it. Your girlfriend will surely be pleased if you will give this as a present.

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