Sunday, 22 May 2011

Advantages of Silver Jewelry

If you look around keenly you will notice that silver jewelry is becoming more popular by the day. You do not need to wonder why this is so, because silver jewelry has a lot of advantages. Read on, as below are some of these advantages.

One reason why silver jewelry is becoming popular is because of its versatility in matching with all skin tones and hair colors, so if you are have blond, black or brunette hair, you can wear silver jewelry. Whatever your style - whether casual or elegant - silver jewelry has no boundaries, as men, women and kids will all like it. As you know, there is no better metal than silver when it comes to reflecting light, so when worn near the face it throws a glossy reflection on your face and brightens your eyes.

Another reason is the health benefit of silver jewelry. It has been proved scientifically that silver jewelry provides a needed element to the body. Silver has highly important components for balancing some elements in our body. It keeps the blood vessels elastic and is important for bone and skin formation and healing. It is said to be absorbed through the skin. There you are - if you thought silver jewelry was only about fashion, think again.

The low cost of silver jewelry is also an advantage. Although silver is leading in a lot of cases when you look at market shares, it still remains cheaper than gold. Considering these hard economical times, why would you buy a product - for example gold - when you can buy two items of jewelry in silver for the same price.

Another advantage of silver jewelry is that it shines even against white. Take the example that you are looking for jewelry for your wedding and you would prefer something that will shine and at least be different from your white wedding gown. Yellow may not be able to bring that shine, but silver jewelry will.

There are a lot of silver products on the market, from silver bracelets to silver earrings, beads and so on. They are very beautiful and inexpensive due to the fact that silver is not a precious metal but, remember, it is very precious to our body in terms of health.

Even though silver, like many metals, tarnishes with time, you can still keep it shiny if you buy sterling silver jewelry and take good care of it, especially by cleaning it with 100% cotton cloths and storing it separately, so that the pieces do not rub against each other.

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