Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Celebrity - The Jewelry Trend Setter

We always try to keep a check on what our favorite celebrity is wearing. We try to imitate them, by wearing the similar designed clothes or jewelry. Be it, a Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity or any other celebrity whom we get inspired from, they are always under the scrutiny of our eyes. The recent news about Prince William getting engaged to Kate Middletown has created an opportunity for the market to present the most demanded replicas of Kate Middleton engagement ring. Everyone wants to have the similar design for themselves. The celebrity status is an influential one. Many designs which were old and not desired for in the market, got a new life if a celebrity wear it on the red carpet or even his/her routine life. For ex, the visit of the First Lady of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama’s shopping at the Indian Crafts Museum made many heads turning towards the Indian Craft. Thus celebrity inspired jewelry is always in demand.

Whether it’s the look of a Rock Star or a Bohemian chic, the celebrity inspiration can’t be denied. Names like Rihana, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga inspired many for their bold jewelry. Kate Moss, Kate Hudson & Sienna Miller are examples for the bohemian fashion trends. You’ll find hoop earrings, cubic zirconia necklaces, colorful scarves & bracelets in the wardrobe of many fans of these celebrities. Almost every girl follows trends, and these trends depend upon the way our celebrities are dressed or accessorized.

Many companies try to capture the influential status of celebrities to attract more customers. Celebrity endorsements are so common these days that we find almost all the celebrities to be endorsing a brand or even offering their own designed accessories. In Indian market, we can find girls lusting over chandelier earrings. We all try to copy the celebrities, but do you know that even celebrities like to copy famous stars. We all know that Hollywood stars like Marlyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn used to wear some of the most glamorous & elegant jewelry of their time and today stars like Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman & many more try to imitate them.

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