Monday, 1 November 2010

Jewellery in beautiful designs

Sterling silver bracelets are the best choice for the people who are fashionable and stylish. These designs of these bracelet changes every year. There are bracelets with simple and heavy designs, which are chosen according to the taste of the people. We can see that even men wearing these bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets are designed using sterling sliver in combination with other metals like yellow gold. They are also designed with the gem stones according to the horoscope. This kind of bracelet is designed in different weights and in various models. Sterling silver bracelets can also be worn for different parties. These bracelets are designed with hangings of different shapes and sizes. The hangings increase the beauty of the bracelet and make them look more attractive and fashionable.

Twilight jewellery is the latest designs in jewelleries that are widely in demand across the globe after the release of the movie twilight. We can say that, it is a collection of different types of jewelleries used by different characters in the movie. Twilight jewellery includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, wrist bands, etc. One type of jewellery is the Bella’s engagement ring which is used in the eclipse series of the twilight. This is the ring given to Bella by Edward as a proposal ring. Other famous jewellery is the Rosalie necklace with Cullen family crest on the locket. Twilight jewellery is very expensive but still people are crazy to buy. There are many websites available online that provides information about twilight jewellery. These websites offer discounts on these jewelleries so that any common man can purchase them.

Stud earrings are worn by many people irrespective of their age group and gender. These earrings are simple in look but are very attractive. They are available in various sizes and designs. Generally, among the types of earrings, studs are very comfortable to wear. Stud earrings are available in simple designs and are mounted with different types of stones. Some of stud earrings are designed using pearls of different colours. These pearl earrings are in great demand and are widely used. Diamonds are also used in designing the Stud earring.

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