Thursday, 4 November 2010

How to Care for your Sterling Silver Ornaments

The Sterling silver ornaments are Ornaments made of the sterling silver like Sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver necklaces and eternity bands add beauty and glamour to your life. Sterling silver items are equally beautiful when compared to other items made of any precious metals. The positive thing about them is that they are available in affordable prizes Because of their dainty designs, delicate filigree works more and more people are turning towards ornaments made of sterling silver. Initially ornaments made of sparkling silver may appear faultlessly sparkly along with the progress of the time these may turn a bit darker and dirtier.

Silver jewelry should be maintained in a better way to increase the longevity of these ornaments. Some times these ornaments stats to loose color this happens due to the oxidation process that results from the moisture present in the air. If you live in a country where the weather is moist or it is in close nearness to a beach the oxidation process can be much faster.

The best idea to protect the Ornaments made of sterling silver are to put them in an airtight box where very less air comes in touch with these ornaments. Another noticeable point is that many people do not use to wipe their sterling silver ornaments with clean cloth after wearing them. One should regularly wipe their ornaments with clean cloth after wearing them. Sterling silver should clean with a low abrasive cleaner, phosphate free detergent.

Earrings and necklaces should be cleaned in a systematic manner. Most of the silver experts cautions against cleaning sterling silver with toothpaste, though many people uses toothpaste to clean sterling silver because according to them toothpaste is leaves dulling scratches being too abrasive. Following is the instructutions about cleaning the sterning silver ornaments- Take a moist soft cloth. Add a small drop of delicate dish soap. To remove grime rub it over the sterling silver ornament. Dry it with another delicate cloth after rinsing it well. Wear a pair of Nitrile gloves. Dip a cotton ball into a jar of commercial silver polish and rub it over ornament. With a soft cloth wipe the excess polish. With a soft cloth buff it to a high polish. For jewelry microfibrilar cloth works best.

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