Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Eternity bands – The Symbol of eternal love

Eternity bands are the latest fashion statements that act as the best gift for marriage anniversaries or at the time of birth of a child. Since eternity bands are not related to any specific occasion, you can gift these memorable pieces of jewelry on any occasion. Wedding bands are studded with diamonds in order to create a circular loop which signifies a never ending eternal love. This particular romantic sentiment associated with eternity bands makes them the perfect gift for presenting to couples on occasions of anniversaries, birth of a child or any other significant achievement.

Unlike with wedding rings, the strength of eternity band’s beauty is in its simplicity, but you can also find them in a large number of styles suiting to your personal requirements. You can find two main types of eternity bands – the full bands and the half bands. The full band is studded with gems completely over the band, while in the half band the gems are lined only on the center of the band. You can resize the half bands because they are not fully lined with stones. The full eternity bands have an advantage that the stones will always remain displayed, even when the band keeps rotating, thus always giving the same uniform good looks.

Even though diamonds are the most commonly used jewels with eternity bands, but other gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are also in popular use. You may even adorn your eternity bands with your lucky stone or birthstone. Sometimes, women replace their promise ring or wedding ring with the eternity band, which is a better option than wearing three rings at a time. Since eternity bands are delicate, you need to handle them carefully. Eternity bands are one of the most popular varieties in the range of silver jewelry.

Like eternity bands, bracelets are also extremely popular adornments for your hands. The unique thing about a bracelet is that it can tell the style and personality of the person wearing it. This is the reason most individuals develop customized bracelets according to their specific tastes. Even though old fashioned bracelets have a special appeal associated with them, but new and modern designs in silver bracelets are quickly growing in popularity.

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