Monday, 31 October 2011

Things you should know about your Silver Jewelry

You can find sterling silver jewelry from any jewelry shop. Sterling silver jewelry items are much popular among people because of several reasons. Even though we call sterling, these silver jewelries are not made by using pure silver. Making a silver ring or any other type of silver jewelry by using pure silver is not possible because they would not retain their shapes. To overcome this problem, tiny quantity of other metal is combined with the silver to retain the desired hardness of it. Copper is the metal that mixes with the silver to make sterling silver jewelry. Generally, sterling silver jewelry contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% copper. If anyone says that they use pure silver to make silver jewelry, they are lying to you.
As stated earlier, sterling silver jewelry items are very much popular among people because of several reasons. The first reason is the shine and the color they have. Silver has a stunning luster with a white color that can be matched with platinum.
Also there are various jewelry types available in the market such as silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, rings and so on. These jewelries come with wonderful designs and patterns. Sometimes sterling silver jewelry items are far head from their stunning look and shine than gold jewelries.
Another reason for its popularity is the intrinsic value it has. Silver is an internationally traded commodity and it has its own value. Also the value of the silver does not change much due to fashions and trends.
Also silver jewelry items are less expensive compared to gold and platinum. Therefore many people buy sterling silver jewelry items because they are available for affordable prices.
One major problem that silver jewelry has is, by the time it loses its shine and stunning look. This happens because of the oxygen in the air. Therefore, when you are not wearing your sterling silver jewelries, make sure to keep them in tarnish prevention cloths or bags. If your silver jewelry lose its shine and become dirty, clean them by using a special jewelry cloth. Do not use any chemical liquids unless you cannot polish it well with a help of a cloth. Also do not store your silver jewelry with other robust objects because it may cause to make scratches on your jewelry.
Now you may have some idea about your silver jewelries and these tips also will help you when you are going to buy jewelry and when polishing them.

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