Monday, 17 October 2011

How to keep silver bracelets looking new and shiny

Sterling silver bracelets look beautiful around any wrist, but with time they can start to lose their shine. This is due to oxidization which causes the silver bracelets to look gray and old. Fortunately, this is not a permanent process and with a thorough scrubbing with the right ingredients any piece of sterling silver rings can look like new again.

In order to perform this cleaning operation there are a few things needed. Luckily, all of them are very common and can be found at any supermarket store. First off, you must create the cleaning agent itself out of baking soda and water. Just put about 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and mix it with water until it gets a consistency similar to toothpaste.

Use a toothbrush that has been dipped into the concoction and clean the silver bracelets thoroughly. Do not be afraid to use a little force. Make sure that you scrub hard and that you do not miss any crease or groove. After this process cover the sterling silver bracelets in baking soda completely and keep them like this for about an hour.

By this time the baking soda should have worked its magic and restore the sterling silver jewelry back to its original shine. Use hot water to rinse it off the bracelet. You can also use a sponge to make sure that every bit of baking soda has been removed from the bracelet. Finally, you can use a soft cloth or a towel to dry the silver bracelets off.

That is the entire process. It is a simple task that anyone can do and that does not take long. All the ingredients are things that are not only cheap, but most people have them lying around the house. The best thing about it is that it works beautifully. Any piece of sterling silver jewelry will look like new. The process can be repeated several times if a particular bracelet is being stubborn and refuses to gain back its shine.

When you consider the fact that the alternatives to this is either buying new sterling silver bracelets every time the old ones lose their sparkle or taking them to a professional jeweler to have them washed with chemicals, this is not only the easiest and most convenient option, but it is also the cheapest one by far. Keep your favorite silver bracelets for years and years without the need to spend money on their maintenance or locking them up in a drawer because they have lost their shine.

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