Monday, 25 April 2011

The Types And Significance Of Eternity Rings

Among all the jewelry ornaments, rings stand out because they symbolize the decision of two lovers to step into a new phase of commitment. This is why all rings right from the ones girls receive as fiancées to their wedding rings and even the eternity rings have their own connotation of love and admiration. What is interesting to note is that traditionally, the inexpensive sterling silver jewelry can express what even the most expensive and valuable necklaces and earrings cannot. Such is the value of receiving a ring from the person you love!

Unlike the popular belief, eternity rings are not just meant for two lovers. Instead, they can even be given to each other after marriage while celebrating a milestone. The basic idea is to let the other person know that you are still as true to the commitment as before and would like to renew it for the days to come. In many instances, couples have chosen these rings instead of the conventional bands the bride and groom exchange at their weddings. Their simple elegance and class make them a timeless gift that carries beautiful memories along with them.

These rings generally come in two styles. One is called the full eternity ring style in which the stones cover the whole outer side of the band. This option is good for people who can afford so many stones. However, a much cheaper alternative could be sterling silver rings which have been made into eternity rings. You can also select a more affordable gemstone like zircon, which is available in every color and can’t be told apart from a diamond by a layperson. The disadvantage of the full eternity ring design is that it cannot be given for resizing unless it is remade from scratch. It is, however, considered a much deeper connotation of love than the half eternity ring style.

As the name suggests, in the half eternity ring style, only the top part of the outer circumference of the ring is covered with stones. The available free metal space can be used by the person to have it altered to fit their own size, if need be.

When it comes to professing your love, whether for the first time or at different stages of your relationship, rings and particularly eternity rings cannot be matched. Although other jewelry items like necklaces and earrings are a good gesture to show that you care, they cannot match up with rings when it comes to celebrating intimacy.

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