Sunday, 3 April 2011

Necklaces- there types

Before going out to buy a necklace, you have to know at least the types of the necklaces that are out there. There is a necklace called collar, it is a necklace that is worn on the neck and in some case it may have many strands. It looks good for people who have slender and thin neck. It goes better with the shoulder top or V necks. It can be worn casually or in any special occasion.

A chocker is a necklace that is around 15 inch long, it is worn under the collarbone while it becomes stiff on the neck. It has only one strand and it is the alternative option for the people who do not like collars, and it is used to draw attention to your neck or to your neckline.

The princess is a necklace with around 19 inch and it is more beautiful when it is accompanied by a pendant. Matinee is another type of the necklace; it is versatile and can be used or casual as well as formal occasion. When you pick a matinee you have to look for the necklace which is long up to the breast bone. When you wear it, you have to make sure that you do not put on the top which has also a neckline with decoration. This is because if you put on the necklace with a decorated top, the top may more remarkable than the necklace. If you enjoy drama then the opera necklace is meant for you. it gives a dramatic and classy touch to your entire outfit. The rope necklaces is worn by making some ropes on it since it is too long. However, they are not that long as the Lariat. The necklace you buy should be able to suit your personality, the occasion and your budget. With all the above types of necklaces, you can get them in different materials and it is up to you to choose the material you like and which fit you budget. When you go out to buy the necklaces you may try sterling silver necklaces or cubic zirconia necklaces since they look like the more expensive stones without having to spend much.

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