Thursday, 2 September 2010

A gift to ears: clip earrings

Sterling Silver Earrings
A jewelry box would definitely feel something missing without earrings. Earrings are the most important part of jewelry. Women feel treasured with earrings. To wear earrings is an ancient trend for women but there is a painful history of earrings behind its beauty and this history is all about piercing ears. It makes one sad and to let in pain for many days but now there is an option of clip earrings so one is not needed to get in pain. Clip earrings are easily available in the market. One can find it in different colors, shapes, metals and stones. It is available in various shapes like butterfly, drop, flower etc.

Now days plastic surgeons are giving suggestion that patients of earlobe surgery comes to them every day with the problem caused by wearing heavy earrings but on wearing clip earrings one would not face such problems because these clip earrings do not hurt the earlobe. These are earring that puts very less pressure on earlobe and it is also non pinch. For a variety in such earrings one can get pearl earrings, diamond earrings and many other clip earrings studded with various gems. These clip earrings have been developed in the age of fifties, the development of such clip earrings was a matter of relief for women who have been get hurt by earlobe surgery.
Pearl Earrings
Beside of getting hurt these clip earrings gives an elegance as having Beautiful collections, the markets are fully loaded with various designs of trendy and stylish clip earrings. The beautiful sterling silver sets are also available in the market with sterling silver earrings. One can fine it in gold, pearl, diamonds and various stud earrings. You can also find the famous twilight jewelry collection it. The clip earring has better range in one can get in on affordable prizes. To wear a traditional earring you need to pinned your earlobe And it also needs to screw it from the back of its earlobe to hold it on Which generally cause injury on wearing heavy earrings, but there is no problem with clip earrings you can easily wear it, it would not hurt you, it is made only to make you more gorgeous.

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