Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jewelry - Passion from Ancient to Modern World

Sterling Silver Bracelets
People generally used jewelry in special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, etc. there are so many companies that provide various occasional jewelry to the customer like Yurman jewelry .LCA of jewelry. It provides description about manufacturing and end use of product. As people is now more concern about on this point. Jewelry Company’s now focusing on that point. There are two main facts in establishing LCA

1. The description of which row material use in the preparation of jewelry and which emission will occur.
2. What impact of raw material and emission in the environment?

The stud earrings are unbelievably versatile. It is mostly white and yellow diamond gold that touch heart of people easily. The effective color and look attract people from earlier age to modern age. It is symbol the people high earning and growth. Generally business person prefer this earring.

The sterling silver bracelets are now a day on of the popular jewelry .it is available in various range and different stones. The effective looks attract mostly young generation .now to share their emotion youngest generations prefer this jewelry like friendship day. It stands for relationship.
Bella’s Ring
The bella’s ring shape is like eclipse .eclipse stand for unique and highly functional .the stylish look and welcome for new things customer mostly prefer this ring. It is mostly used in the door of office, home because of it significant positive energy. It helps in understanding system of life.

The modern jewelry derived from Egyptian jewelry. During this time period jewelry became Professional and technical skill. They used variety of materials to made various style of jewelry. They believed every stone having their unique meaning.

Today modern world focus jewelry for design, designer creativity, symbolism and social status. Now designers are using alternative materials such as rubber, plastic and stainless steel. Europe is one of the companies that manufactured large variety of rings. They manufactured ring form upper class to lower class people.

Josiah Wedgwood was the person who invented jewelry trade .he has done significant contribution in jewelry technology Jewelry has been worn by the human beings in many parts like neck, head, wrists, waist, fingers etc. Now day jewelry is symbol of our culture.

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